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You know you wanna watch great TV this spring with Hulu. Many popular shows are available day after air and, depending on the shows, you can watch multiple episodes from the current season. Get unlimited instant streaming of 1000s of current-season and library TV shows and hit movies – anytime, anywhere for $7.99/month.
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• Watch current season episodes of shows like Empire, Once Upon a Time, The Last Man on Earth, The Voice and many more.
• Enjoy previous seasons of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Last Ship, Vikings, and more; kids programs including Hey Arnold!, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Sesame Street; Latino series and top telenovelas; Hulu Original series Deadbeat and the Emmy®-nominated East Los High; and much more.
• Stream and control your viewing experience from your iPhone or iPad to your TV with Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 using the in-app remote control.
• Resume watching from where you left off on your TV or other supported device.
• Set Kids Lock on your iPad so your kids are restricted to the Kids hub
• Watch over WiFi, 3G and 4G.

Hulu supports iPhone 4 and above; iPad 2 and above, iPod touch 4th generation and above, all running iOS 7 and above.

Please contact [email protected], if you are experiencing any issues.

If you are new to Hulu Plus, your Hulu Plus subscription fee will be charged $7.99/month through your iTunes account as a recurring transaction, and will automatically renew unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes account. Hulu Plus is available to US customers only.

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Too Many Shows Get Removed

First all the star treks are gone, then the Simpson’s, now gravity falls is going with Assassination Classroom. Why do all the good shows keep leaving :(

Extremely loud commercials!

I don’t mind commercials but the volume is absolutely insane! This isn’t a glitch. It’s on purpose. Please consider keeping the volume straight across the board.

Only 3 starts from me.
cruising nut

Aside from the fact that ads are annoying I only got premium because I got tired of watching Charley Damelio ads all the time like I don’t understand why she got famous is completely retarded and she got a show with Hulu, Hulu take a fat L on this one.

Worst streaming app, over all I subscribe too…Over a month & still cannot get into Hulu

Updates NEED TO FIX APPLE TV & iPadOS ASAP. About to end subscribing over not being able to login on other devices. I can get in on the iPhone app, but not on IPad, Apple TV, or safari. Just got billed to another month on the Disney bundle and access to Hulu where it needs to be.

What’s the point?

We pay for the Hulu + ESPN service but it’s never fully working correctly. Half of the time the picture comes in blurred/ poor quality OR the NHL game we are trying to watch is “blacked out”? How can we PAY for a service that is then blacked out..? It is literally our only reason for paying for the Hulu app and then they don’t allow you to view what you’re paying to view. I absolutely hate it here. 10/10 would NOT recommend.



Blurry service on live TV. Why ads???

We have had Hulu + Live for almost 2 years and are really considering canceling. It advertises no ads (or at least used to) and we still get commercials. Even with recorded shows you cannot skip commercials. Shows are blurry and this is happening more and more lately even after a recent update. We have the fastest internet offered through our internet provider. We have not added more streaming devices to conflict with streaming quality on Hulu. We like having live tv but we are paying too much to be having quality issues this often.

Why so limited?

Hulu should implement Siri live tune-in. There needs to be a better way to interface with voice. The live tv price hike should at least coincide with some feature improvements to catch up to cable tv features - it’s caught up to price.

Auto play

I’m watching a show with more episodes ahead of it, but every time a episode finishes it’ll completely change the show.Is there a way to fix this? I hope that makes since. Other rise the app is really good.

Won’t let me use the app with Private Relay turned on

It’s crazy to me that I can’t use the app or so much as login to my account with private relay on. I also use a VPN for security purposes, not trying to pull some DRM infringements, insane to me that Hulu doesn’t accommodate security. Also, how come you can pay for the base plan annually but not any other plan? Who wants to pay to watch ads?!

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