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HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Snippet Editor

With SnippetEditor, you can edit html/javascript code and see the results right away. It supports the standard console log to debug your script. This app is designed to be an offline tool where no internet connection is required. However you can also go online and see any sites's source code. While you are at it, you can modify its source code and see the changes right away!
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Education $2.99 Tyanya Software LLC. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Included are quick reference guides to HTML and CSS. Also a full reference guide to JavaScript.

Here is the list of things you could do:

1. Edit, Save, Email your code.
2. Complete Console log support for JavaScript
3. Example code for HTML5: canvas, video, editable content, localstorge.
4. Go to any website and modify their code then see the result.
5. Can use three different user agent, iphone/ipad/mac os, so that you can see different code from the sites that support all different devices.
6. Indent the code that's been minified.

Know issues:
1. When running modified code from a website, it will not work if it uses js with relative path to get data from the site. This is because I can't change these relative paths to absolute paths by looking at the code, these paths are generated dynamically.
2. The 10 seconds javascript run time limit imposed by webview will sometime cause crashes since it will just stop at random places of the code.


Junk app

Not ready for production. Does not work as advertised. Very poor user interface. Poor quality built-in browser, can't try code in external browser. Too bad, sounded like just what I wanted.

Nice app

Finally can do "view source" on my ipad. Love the capabalility to use iphone agent, amazed at how many ppl have designed their web for iphone. Indent my code is cool, it would be nicer if syntax coloring is added. Also missing lanscape mode, otherwise it is a five star.

Great app!

Simple, works as advertised. Good for testing HTML5 code. Built-in references are handy.

Really helpful

I found almost immediately what I needed to fix for my mobile web app/webkit page. I work in .net i can't get vs2010 to help me like this. It's like the web developer plug in for Firefox on the iPhone. You will get your 2 bucks back in time easily. 0k the icon is not glossy, your point? Since often the code for mobile is rendered, its not so easy to copy it using your dev machine at work. I am no mobile guru, but now I got a behind the scenes seat.

Way better than JS-(down to 3stars)

The references are a little hard to find and clicking through two layers to open a reference is a pain. I really don't know what the console is for ( mine is always empty) However, the ability to simply email your code with one click ( no copy, close app, open mail and then paste) is awesome as well as the programmers keyboard. I was working in JS-1 to practice my coding but this is much better. Upon much use. THIS APP CRASHES A LOT!!!

Bad app

Waste of money, don't buy this. It's not showing the correct source of the loaded we page. Using a browser on my computer is better than this. Question to the developer why are you putting fake claims about untested functionality.