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HQ is the live trivia game show with cash prizes. Every day at 9pm EDT. Weekdays at 3pm EDT.
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Nice game, but too many bugs

I enjoy the game, but I haven’t been able to play because I get kicked out all the time. I can not make it past the main menu. It’s been like this for two weeks. I’m still waiting for a response on Twitter.

Michael Koman

Great game you guys help people win money for like rent and a wife and a family and I like that. I tip my hat off to you

Bad day

We are not all about trivia. We like puzzles to. Crossword or. Just words you have less games bring back words every nite

After last update it won’t open

I used to really enjoy playing, but now I can only play the Daily Challenge, when I hit Join to play in the trivia game it won’t open, very frustrating!! This needs to be fixed.

Hate it now

Since Scott left, crap. Pretty much since whats his face the owner killed himself this game went down the toilet. Used to have hundreds of thousands, millions of players, now, down to didley squat. Do not buy anything from this game, it will be out of business in the next few months.

Almost best game

This game is fun and interesting however there are frozen glitches every time (daily) I play, just a tad frustrating!


Great game .... when and if it ever works

Would give zero but not allowed?

Kicked me out of game after it started because THEY glitched then wouldn’t let me join again. Just wow.

Too many glitches

Screen freezes so can’t answer answer correctly and get eliminated. Constantly takes away your extra lives for game time then get them back when you butch hit game us over. Shut down again at 9:03

Please answer the following question

I gave HQ a low rating because I am having a very hard time getting in touch with you. For the past week every time I JOIN HQ, it kicks me back to the home page and doesn’t allow me to join and play the trivia game. I can still play the daily challenge. Please tell me how to fix this problem and also make a site where players can get in touch with you when the need arises Thanks, Debbie Tomlinson