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Welcome to the House, where the Party is always on. When you and your friends are in the app at the same time, you’ll see each other instantly. One tap and you're in.
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Lover of the pool

I think this app is perfect for talking to your friends after school or on the weekends.? Although I think Houseparty is a great app, I really want to send my friends pictures. That is my only con out of a list pros that I can’t list right now. I thank you for letting me talk to my friends and I hope that all the developers have a great day and a goodnight. From, Anonymous ?



My video is broken??

I have been using houseparty with my friends for about a year now, ever since quarantine started. It's been a great app and we would go on it all the time to catch up, play games and chat. But recently this app has been broken on my laptop. My video light would be on when my camera is clearly off. This problem occurred for my friend too. One time my camera was off but she said she could see me?? That frightening. Please fix this issue, my friends and I would love to use it again in the near future.

Overall a good app
Henry B S.

I really like this app it is a great communicating app. It has great features, and is very good on a phone. I especially like the way you can lock a room and how you can say “hi” to people. I do wish that Houseparty brought back the share your screen feature, but overall great app and I recommend it!

It’s good
Leah _(ō-ō)_

It’s good, but why fortnite

So cool

L love this app l can see friends and family

Get rid of the locked room pls!!
impatent township lover

Would be 5 stars without the locked room feature. Makes me feel like crap whenever all my friends go in a locked room and I’m stuck over here feeling like an idiot.

the boss 1990

Love it


Add let you down to karaoke cause I wanna rap fast infront of my friends

Not good

I got logged out of my account randomly and then couldn’t get back in and I emailed you and none of the things that you told me to do worked