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This app is for managing the LH9108/LH9207 LTE Wireless Mobile WIFI device which produced by Longhcheer company.
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Utilities Free xiong lct iPhone, iPad, iPod

If you buy the device ,you can used this app.

Having it, Users no longer need to open PC browser to set the Mobile WIFI device parameters, and can manage the parameters via iPhone /iPod conveniently.

1.Open LH9108/LH9207 WIFI device
2.Find LH9108/LH9207 WIFI device's SSID Name
3.Open iPhone Settings, select WIFI (MIFI9000/MIFI9207)
4. Hotspot Tricheer to enter the home menu.,you can used this app.

1.Users can connect or disconnect from network easily,Query such info which including signal strength, network type, Operator name, battery life ,SIM card status, data usage, upload/download speed and duration;
2.When connect to network, it reuires to login and input the username and password.
3.Switching to the app setting menu,Users can view and edit the present SSID, View traffic counters ,Query the connected user numbers of Mobile WIFI device in real time,
Modify the login password.
4.Switching to the app WAN menu, Users can view the present APN profile info and edit the new profile here, Query the network select mode such as Auto/LTE only/3G only/2G only. Manage PIN state.



Thanks for this app and i love this Devices

Please update for 4G LTE

There are mis in this version does not support broadband network 4G LTE model have LTE_E21 program does not support πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜‘ The same problem does not recognize the modem hotspot tricheer LTE_E21

Ali Abolghandi

hello. Thank you for making this app.i like this . as a suggestion, Please increase the speed of the app and add an option to save login and password

Bad like all
Girly Magical Unicorn

A long time ago when I had android there was only one app that was a mobile hotspot and I cant find a single one on iphone. I dont have your password.