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Our hotel houses a very important meeting this week and have to clean it thoroughly. All rooms are dirty and must be cleaned carefully because important people come who will sleep in those beds. In this game you have to help us clean up because the people in charge of cleaning are on vacation.
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1) must clean table and chairs next to the reception, as they are torn and dirty.
2) need to do clean because all things are mixed reception.
3) then we have to go in and make clean rooms and closets to arrange some things from there.
4) Next we clean bed linen and we will change all.
5) The floor of each room is very dirty and carpets are made in place, so you have to arrange them and put them as needed.
Thanks you agreed to help us in this important game because these people have to come to the meeting and must be clean rooms. We invite you to choose and other games for girls in this developer to see if you can handle as well.
Good luck!


Ugly carpet

U should get it!!!

Make a 55

I hate this game so much I would give it one star


Hate it don't buy it pleasssssse

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Lover of hotels

Not only does it have amazing grammar... It is also a thrill seeker!! If ur looking to clean a total of 3 rooms and vacuum lots filth!!! Download this wonderful game!!!

Don't buy it!

Hate this game


This game is super boring. I got it because I was bored and it just made me more bored.

Hitgirl jackson

It replays 2 rooms the lobby and a room that doesn't make sense and the app is hard to control DONT BUY IT!



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