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For a long time we want to open up a business and we decided that is a good idea. In order for our business to be successful we need your talent in terms of events. You'll have to watch everything to be perfect and only through this apps for girls you'll be able to test your all abilities. Here, in this makeup salon for girls will have the opportunity to be witness an important event and do not forget that you can even have fun. The game has several levels and all will certainly generate interest. We know that you always like to look good and therefore we trust you that you will help us to prepare everything. If you like makeup here you'll be able to work even at a beauty salon.
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You will have a wonderful day with us and do not forget that you have to respect all instructions.
- First you have to know Cristine and Mike;
- The two want to build the building;
- Now they need to find a construction company;
- Sign the contract;
- Construction of the hotel can begin;
- You have to go buy all materials;
- Buy cement, sand, shovel, paint brush, paint, nails, screwdriver and pliers;
- Prepare foundation;
- Builds walls;
- Fix the wall;
- Paint the walls;
- Arrange doors and windows;
- Plant flowers for everything to look good;
- Arrange furniture;
- Now you have to prepare invitations;
- Buy: colored paper, crayons, flowers, ribbons, scissors and glue;
- Write a text on each invitation;
- Now you can send invitations;
- You'll have to help Christine to look good;
- Clean the skin with an exfoliating gel;
- Rinse with warm water;
- Apply a mask of fruit;
- Apply a moisturizer;
- Clip the eyebrows;
- Remove stains;
- Now you have to make a very beautiful dress for Christine;
- Choose a suitable material;
- The dress looks great;
- Makeup Christine, apply: contact lenses, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick and powder for the cheeks;
- Hairstyle the hair;
- Mike needs your help to look good;
- Choose the most interesting clothes;
- The two young men are prepared for opening party;
- Decorate with many flowers;
- Clean water from the ground;
- The camera is ready for our first customer;
- Our hotel will be a great success;
- You are a wonderful friend.


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