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3/5 rating based on 47 reviews. Read all reviews for Horse Simulator 2017 | My Little Racing Horses for iPhone.
Horse Simulator 2017 | My Little Racing Horses is free iOS app published by Free Wild Simulator Games SL.



All i can say is this game is horrible it takes your money without asking you and all you do is jump over a barrel!!!!!!

It's okay

Lindsey L S

Well it's Okay but I'd like it to be better and add more stuff so it can be so much fun more! so add more stuff and make it so much better is fun and all but yea



It freezes after the first barrier jump

Good app overall....


This app is great. It combines 2 of my favorite things, horses 🐴 and Temple Run 🏃, but every time I complete a run 🏃, the same add always pops up!😒 the app itself is great 👍 but the adds are bleh . Please fix this app!



I really don't like the ads after every round. The game was fine :-/

Wow !!!


Wow this game is so much fun and the ads aren't even annoying . You should definitely get this if you are a horse lover !!!! 🐴🐎😀😀😀😍😍😘😘

Horse simulator


I love this game because I love horses also it probably took along time to think of that. And ps I love horses so anyway I love it

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