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Horizon Chase - World Tour is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.

Love the game


I absolutely love this game. Also you had me hooked when adding one of my favorite cars. But I’m having issues getting the full version after I paid for it. It won’t let me go any further unless I pay or restore my purchases. Which I already bought it.

Broken Buy Button


I played this game and was really excited to purchase the full game. I waited a few days to get money in my account but I was upset that when I pressed the buy button it didn’t connect. I thought it was my WiFi because this game looks like work was put into it but then I tried it with my iPod and no it’s the application. Please fix this.

Is this App still Active???


I just found this App on AppleTV and wanted to purchase the full version but the links for in app purchase doesn’t work.

Can’t buy whole game!!

Dental Student

Love the game, but the buy button does not workIi

Fun but can be fixed


This game is fun and has really good graphics but you can do three levels for free then you have to pay for the rest

Holy cow!!!


I haven’t played a game that’s made my heart race until I played this one! This is like OutRun for the 21st century. Awesome graphics and gameplay! Please keep making games as awesome as this one!

Great game


This game is great the graphics look good and I love that the environment affects the race but please add new stuff. And I like cheep and affordable prices.

Great Retro Game


Very fun and entertaining. However, there are a couple of tracks where it’s impossible to get a perfect score (1st place, all track tokens, and a full fuel gauge). One of the courses is in Greece and the other one is in India. Other than that, it’s great! Maybe add a time trial mode where there are no cars and you try to get your best time?

Very Well Done


It reminds me top gear but in a modern state. Very nicely done. The music is on point and the graphics are perfect for tablet s or phones.



A game that has been amazing to play. A game you buy and worth every penny. I have had absolutely no ads since day one of game play. Horizon also does not give you the temptation of buying upgrades to beat the game. You have to hone your skills and earn every trophy, every car, and every pro badge. The game is challenging and a blast to play. I have had this game for a month and I cannot put it down. I love the retro feel and controls are easily mastered. I hope this game continues to give us more. I love it!! Thank you for making an honest game without making us dig into our pockets to play, excel, and win. Finally a gamers game on a phone.