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Horizon Chase - World Tour is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.

Fun game, but you have to pay...


This game was awesome but it only lets you play a few races before you have to pay for the “full version” of the game.

I want my money


I purchased the full game in the app and it got purchased yet in the game nothing has changed it still tells me I need to buy it and I’m not buying it again. Either give me my money back or make my purchase count because I actually like this game

Only about 5 minutes of free play

Timothy Deee

Only about 5 minutes of play before you must purchase access to anything else. This is a lame practice that I wish developers would grow out of. You always start in last place no matter where you finished in the previous race. Controls are not bad.



After you complete two levels, they want you to buy a $2.99 pack for the rest of the game

Good Game


GREAT GAME but you have to buy it after four races and it’s a very easy game wish it was fully free though

Ripped Off

Minecraft breast

I played the free part of the game and enjoyed it, BUT DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! I bought the 70 maps pack thing for 3$ but didn’t get the maps, I checked and the money was still gone but no maps, this is bs and a rip-off DONT BUY THIS STUPID CHEAP GAME, IT STOLE MY MONEY!!!!



It’s super laggy and once you are done the trial you have to pay three dollars for this worthless game...I mean at first everything seemed very well designed but once you buy it, things start to lag and it’s almost impossible to win once that happens



The game is fun if you are willing to pay money, I got the game and got first on four Races and then I couldn’t do anything else unless I bought the full version so that was a waste of 10 minutes