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Horizon Chase - World Tour is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.



Progress of the game stopped working properly. The new cars stopped showing up after like the second one even though I was making first place 🥇.



I love the retro style, but I have one problem. Make all the tracks free. If you guys make them free I’m sure more people will flock to this game if you made the tracks free or unlockable at a certain level.

One of the Best Racers on iOS


This game feels a lot like the old retro games Outrun, etc. the gameplay is smooth and fluid (at least on my iPhone 7) and there’s a huge amount of value in the full version, which only costs 2.99! Can’t beat it. There’s a large array of cars and upgrades which you’ve got to strategically tailor to each track layout. I’ve managed to gold every race up to India! But expect to get angry at times because this game is not very forgiving. Good Luck Racers!

A ton of fun but frustrating when it fails to save your progress!


A great game with great graphics but when you have to win the same race five times because it won’t save your progress, it can be quite frustrating.

Australia won’t go to 100%


I’m having trouble getting the game to remember that I have completed the Australia cup 100%. All others are good (tho, I haven’t gotten Hawaii). When I get Australia 100% and leave the game, when I come back, Australia goes back to 97%. Other than that, I love the game!

Took my money


I bought the paid version and still won’t let me play past the free version.

8bitdo zero

leorocha fc 1921

Not compatible with 8bitdo zero, waiting for that so I can buy it

Game has partially stopped saving progress.

Carlos Araujo

Fun game. Great graphics. But...the game has stopped saving progress properly. It happens during Second race in Atacama Chile. I have completed that race in 1st place with a Pro Level Checkered Icon on top of the trophy. I have done this many many times. 15 minutes later there is no ‘Pro Icon’

You can never reach 6th till the last lap.


This game’s AIs are just like the cops in NFS.


Bless you Kelly

Just so u know this is one of those games that makes your car work really good and fast and you win ally and the ur car starts slowing down and u start loosing races