Horizon Chase - World Tour Reviews

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Horizon Chase - World Tour is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.

Looks nothing like the switch

shamar gaming 98

I have this game for my switch I beated it in 5 days. When I got it for my iPad. It looks nothing like my switch. No tournaments, No playground, and no golden globe and retro mode. Also why do you have to buy this. For my switch you don't need to buy it just the game then you play. And the graphics are not smooth and are laggy. Never getting this game only on my switch.

Have it


I have this on my PS4 it is pretty dope and I have beat the game already

This game is seriously fun!


I am not entirely into phone games...but this one is a blast and feels like a proper arcade game. Well done!

Amazing but...


You know that track running through all the areas ( Brazil, India etc) when you finish the game completely make that a fun race it would be awesome if you could.

Awful icon

Logan Quest

Change that awful icon and ill change my grade.

Great game


It’s a great game except it’s unfair in that no matter how many first place wins you get, you always start at 20th place. It should bump you up spots as you win

[email protected]@nic

[email protected]@nic

I paid for the full version of the game but I can’t progress because after the first bonus race it just keeps going to the unlock full version page. I just unlocked a new car and can’t use it

Very fun


Enjoyed every single bit of this game, would highly recommend

What a tease...


This game was really fun and relatively easy to get really good at, and then right when I was getting the hang of it it said I needed to buy the full game to play any more. Come on guys, you can do better than this.

Can't purchase full


Love the game, but it will not let me purchase the full version. Gladly change to 5 stars if I could play the whole game.