Horizon Chase - World Tour Reviews

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Horizon Chase - World Tour is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.

Was a Fan


I loved this game, but now it just crashes as fast as I open it. I'd like my $4 back please.

Nothing beats the classics.


This game bring back so many memories, thank you for creating such a beautiful game. I'll be now taking my experience here to the ps4 ver.

Good And 🤩

Dorian Lloyd

Just Like Bumper Cars 🚗+🤣

Absolute crap...


...and let me tell you why. I cannot recount how many time I have successfully completed an entire stage as a pro, had the completed stage video play, shut the game off and the come back with 2 more races to complete that same stage. If simple elements such as completing a stage is too complicated, there is much point in discussing further right!!? Save your money for something that actually works right.

Great game!! 😄

Ryan Exo

When I got this game I was super excited But when I found out that you have t buy the full game I was kinda disappointed but then my dad bought it for me.the game has great music,maps,and cars,some of the levels(like the Hawaii map)are kinda annoying but I passed them all.this game is one of my favorites,oh and if more maps were added that would be great.again this is one of my favorite games I really like the retro style 😀



I like the game, but I HATE having to start from square one every time I get a new device or reset my phone

please fix, i want to play

Lil biddle

same thing happened to me as another reviewer. I bought the game, itunes has charged me for the game, but it won't download. bummer


Chicken nugget 6 pack

I awesome. I like it and bought it and it will not unlock the additional content. Itunes shows the transaction went through.

Sleeeeze Bags

Linguini and clam sauce

Really? You pitch a free game for 4 races and then put up a pay wall to get more races/tracks? Good luck with engagement, loyalty, brand advocacy or any other form of brand champion-driven culture. You guys will be a fart in the wind.



It won’t even load the title screen before the app shuts down. Please fix this because I paid for the full game and now I can’t even play it