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Tell us what kind of Snap profiles you are looking for and we will take care of the rest! For every profile you discover, you can either :
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- ask for her or his Snap
- or move to the next profile

• Keep control •

Your Snap is private! It can't be seen by the other.
When a user ask for your Snap, you can either :

- accept : we send her or him your Snap on Hoop
- or decline : we don't let her or him know that you declined

• Stand out! •

Invite your friends on Hoop to unlock amazing decorations that you can customize to make your profile unique

• Use diamonds to request Snap! •

You like a profile ? Then use diamonds to ask for her or his Snap!

To earn diamonds you can :

- open Hoop every day
- share your profile on Snap
- watch a video
- take a survey
- level up


Am here for fun

Add me snap Larika_smith


This apps is filled with premium snaps, sextortion , blackmailers , hackers

Jerome Productions

Yes you can get someone’s Snapchat. Yes they might accept. But the fact that for location it gives you the option to input your country and not state as well is frustrating. I’ve met many good people but they all don’t live in my state… What’s the point of even starting a relationship if they don’t live near you?

Good at the start, but….

I’ve had this app for a long time, since I was 16, so about two years. In that span, I’ve made a few friends from this app, and many other good things. However, in the past few months to a year, the app has gone downhill, with it being filled more with bots and scammers than actual people. I get up to 30 requests from bots and scammers in a week, and only get up to 5 actual people a week requesting. When you swipe as well, you’ll see more bots/scammers. Of course though, it’s up to you to get the app, I won’t stop you.

Get ready for “Do you want a sugar mommy/daddy?”
Agniya Laurinaitis

I’ve been using this app for approximately three days, and I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been hit up by “sugar mommies and daddies.” You can’t distinguish anything about the person asking for your snap other than the Bitmoji and the username. Why give the option to put up profile pics when I can’t see who I’m sharing my username with? Honestly developers, this is what you’ve decided to put out on the market? I’m not surprised that it’s either vulgar men unable to keep a conversation unless it’s about their only productive appendage or girl bots fishing for clicks and advertising a porn site. I’ve wasted the time for you so you don’t have to.

Good, but needs work

Some of the profiles seem fake. After I select the button to add someone on Snap, their name and bitmoji is different than the one on Hoop. I also see people I’ve already selected or rejected reappear back in the deck. I’d like it if people could add short bios about themselves along with their photos.

no just no
Kylee Dines

I don’t understand why it needs your billing information. It has never needed that before and won’t let you download it if you don’t have it.


Found the sweetest most beautiful boy he makes me so happy thank you

Not the best
gainz daddy

This app has led me to finding some cool people I like talking to, but a guy looking for a girl is going to find out that 70% of the girls on here are fake and trying to get ur snap to sell you nude illegal fotos. Girls finding guys in sure isn’t as bad but overall too many spam accs

SO SO SO many bots

there are so many bots that will add you to send you those super fake “click here” ads when they add you, or the “do you want a sugar mommy” scams. there are so many that if 10 people request your snap, at least 7 will be bots. the app NEEDS some sort of verification system. I report every account i see like that, but they’re so persistent that they keep coming back

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