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Finance $4.99 Anishu, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Now available in mobile [iPhone/iPad] and desktop versions [Mac OS, Windows], including instant data sync between mobile/desktop versions. (Separate purchase required for each OS platform).

A lite version of HomeBudget is available under the free applications category. Give it a try.

Contact [email protected], if you need help. We have no way of contacting you if you post an issue as a review.

HomeBudget is an integrated expense tracker designed to help you track your expenses, income, bills-due and account balances. It offers support for budgeting, and allows analysis of your expenses and income, including charts and graphs. Two key differentiating features of HomeBudget are:

1. Integrated set of features. The features within HomeBudget are well integrated such that a bill can become an expense (when you pay for it) and also adjust the account balance at the same time.

2. Family sync. HomeBudget includes Family Sync, an advanced feature that allows a group of devices within the household to exchange expense and income information, and work together within a single budget. Once setup, the devices sync with each other automatically over the air. Family Sync works across all features including Bills and Accounts. Please refer to the Family Sync Quick Start guide at http://www.anishu.com for information on configuring Family Sync.


- Create/Edit/Delete expenses and recurring expenses
- Browse expense entries by month, by category/date with the ability to drill-down
- Optionally associate an account and payee with an expense
- Attach photo images of receipts; drag and resize images on screen
- Support for multiple currencies and automatic exchange rate conversion
- Search expense entries

- Create/Edit/Delete income and recurring income
- Optionally associate an account with the income

- Create/Edit/Delete bills and recurring bills
- Support for Payees, and track payments by Payee.
- Make payment on bills either an as expense or as a transfer (to avoid double accounting your expenses)
- Calendar and list view of Bills
- Bill reminders

Categories and Budget
- Create/Edit/Delete expense categories and sub-categories
- Set a budget, and track expenses at the category/sub-category level.
- Associate icons with the categories and reorder category display order
- Budget rollover
- Classify expenses into fixed, variable and discretionary and compute your disposable income

- Support for Accounts such as Checking, Savings, Credit, Debit, Cash, etc.
- Associate your expense and income entries with your accounts and accurately track account balances.
- View transactions, and do transfer between accounts.
- Ability to choose a different base currency for each account

- Trend chart for Expense, Budget and Income for the last 6 months
- Pie/Bar charts for expense break-down (Available in the Expenses screen).
- Export data/reports by email or via WiFi

Family Sync
- Automatically sync multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) in the household and see the same numbers on all devices over 3G and WiFi
- Work within the same budget with other members of the household

- Backup/Restore complete application data, including all receipts
- Ability to upload your own list of category icons
- Large numeric keypad for expense/income amount entry
- HomeBudget follows the locale/region setting on your device and shows date and currency symbols appropriate for your region

Visit http://www.anishu.com to see more screenshots, and to download the user guide (PDF, 42 pages).


Serves the intended purpose
Arkansas Frank

Having used this simple app for better than five years I’m still happy with the functions offered and the relative ease of use. I like the feature provided for syncing with more than one device including a PC version. The cost is inexpensive and it delivers big time performance for tracking expenses with e ability to print reports. It’s well worth a try.

Network import

Since 2015, this app has delivered for me. However, the network import feature to sync actual investment and bank accounts has not worked for Fundrise, American Funds, RobinHood, USAA Bank, Thrift Savings Plan, and Fidelity investments.

Happy user
Happy PocketLife User

Great budget tracking app

Great app!!

I have literally been using this app since 2011 and I don’t know what I would do without it!! Thanks!

Very satisfied

I’ve been using Home Budget for 1 year. I switched because my other app didn’t upgrade when I bought a new phone. It’s clear, clean, easy to use. I wish though I could mix currency since I spend time in France and the USA. I wish I could search for an expense in a search bar. I wish I could have another account just for my business expenses. I know I can have a category for that but I want to separate them. But I am very please with the design as well.

Essential app

All our family accounts in one app that syncs and allows for fast reconciliation, reports and analysis (if one wants). No longer do we wonder where our money went. So easy to budget and track all our expenses. I think it is an essential app for those who like to know the what and where if their family’s expenses. Keep up the good work and ease only improve if really needed. The app works perfectly as it is.

Great App

Have been using this app for several years. I love it. Would love to see a check box or something along those lines that could be used to note if an expense is a tax deduction.

Yo, it’s worth the $5

This app literally saves me from so much financial headache. Totally worth $5.

A Great App

I got this app when I moved out and it has honestly helped me so much in keeping on top of all of my bills and seeing where my biggest expenses are and a lot more. I recommend it!

Love it!
Holly Day 08

This app is so helpful! It’s easy to customize and I love that my boyfriend and I can both track expenses, income, etc. from our own devices and it all goes into this shared app. It’s also nice to be able to keep my separate savings in the app for my viewing, but separate from the account totals that are shared, and the same for him. I bartend part time in addition to being an accountant. This app allows me to have a “cash” account for the tips I make bartending, and all of our bank accounts for paychecks. On that note, the ability to split each paycheck we get (we both contribute a certain amount of each check to savings and the rest goes into checking) is a super helpful feature! All in all, the perfect app for us, and well worth the cost. And that’s coming from a “what, I have to PAY for that?!” kind of person. ? Enjoy!

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