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Hologram Dog 3D Simulator

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Hologram.
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Hologram Dog 3D Simulator
Hologram Dog simulator - a simulation game where you can play on your phone like a 3D hologram Dog . The game uses the camera for a more realistic effect!
Make fun and play your friends and loved ones!
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Did not like this app

Overall this app was pretty boring I don’t see how it could be a prank because all that’s happening is a dog is coming out of a circle I WOULD NOR RECOMMEND AT ALL

Just nothing !!!

I don’t expect real hologram but something However, it is absolutely nothing just picture of dog, stupid sound and force to see some adds - a way to make little money for so called “developer” Must be removed from App store.

The jokes on me
oomg awsomeness5559

I thought this thing would move and be 3-D so I got pranked by downloading the app.


This game is such trash I am not even gonna write an actual review for it.

No what I expected
dr bella k

This did not work I did not understand what to do. There should be a “help” button or something


Doesn’t even work

Papa Nikel

This is so clickbait and stupid


This game is such a rip off I tried to pull a prank on my friends guess what happened it’s didn’t work this game is such a rip off so NOT get it and it’s stupid I trusted you denis RIP OFF I repeat do NOT get this game

X50 Bomber

This app is terrible because you can’t do anything but look.

Asian Snacc

This thing was so holographic I got hungry just by looking at it. If I could, I’d rate this fantastic app 11/5