Hologram Dino Park Simulator Reviews

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Hologram Dino Park Simulator is free iOS app published by Denis Ivanov

Read this!!!!


Ok ok, the first line on the app’s description says, “it will not be an actual hologram” if your stupid enough to skip by that then I doubt your smart enough to leave a good review. It is a really good game, if that’s what you want to call it. So don’t go reading those other bad reviews, read mine, to know the truth. The game is not bad, but other people are stupid enough to think it is.

Amazingly good


Guys! You can’t produce actual hologram that pops out of your device we do not have the technology so just don’t say make it pop out of the screen because that is impossible and no one has the technology yet!

I hate it!

a smart kiddo from the USA

Not a hologram ?


Hope EE

This app is horribal Don't get it


[email protected]

Don't get it



I don't know if it works or not I'm not a fan of dinsours

Congratulations to another bad game made by unity


This is a bad game do not get it don't just not get this don't get any unity game ever

? Bull s#⃣#⃣t


Sickie set



3 words worst.app.ever.this isn't even a game. failure

Gave my hopes up

Tidal Wave1022

I thought this would make a really cool hologram that I could put my hand through and pretend to stroke it. But it just pops up on my screen. I really gave my hopes up there. Well done for a horrible game.