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Calling kids of all ages, HELP!!! Holla Kids Tyler and Nile are lost in a colorless dimension where everything looks the same because everyone is trying to fit in. Color the Holla Kids out of this lame space so they can be themselves and have fun in their upcoming adventure book “Stick & Move!”
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Education Free Andre Jones iPhone, iPad, iPod

Child friendly and easy to use.
Fun and relaxing for all ages.
Lean back to a jazzy tune.
No in-app purchases or banner ads!

You can:
Save pictures to camera roll.
Share your art via facebook and email.

Coloring benefits for children:
Express ideas and stimulate creativity
Learn to plan and focus
Develop hand/eye coordination and patience

Connect with Holla Kids
Website : http://www.hollakids.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hollakids
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hollakids
Youtube: htttp://youtube.com/hollakids
Suggestions Box: http://www.hollakids.com/contact

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