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HippoRemote LITE ~ Wireless Keyboard, Mouse & Remote Control

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Control your computer with a wave of your hand or a flick of your finger! Impress your audience at speaking engagements or just veg out on the couch.

HippoRemote LITE turns your iPhone and iPod touch into a Wi-Fi keyboard and trackpad, making it a perfect pocket-sized controller for a living room, conference room, or classroom computer.

You can do everything a physical keyboard and mouse can do. Making it great for controlling your HTPC, your classroom interactive whiteboard, or your Keynote or Powerpoint presentation.

And because it works over Wi-Fi, you get superior range and performance compared to other wireless technologies without extra dongles or expensive adapters.


• Multi-touch Trackpad: Multi-touch gestures up to 4 fingers, including 2-finger scrolling and pinch-to-zoom.

• Intelligent Keyboard: Remembers your typing history so you can autocomplete with a single tap.

• International Characters: Full keyboard support for international characters.

• Thumb Scrolling: Makes precision scrolling a breeze!

• Split-screen Mode: Simultaneous keyboard and trackpad access.

• Wake-on-LAN: Turn on your computer from your couch.


HippoRemote Pro adds a number of premium features, including:

• App Profiles: Controls and buttons customized for your apps. We have 60+ profiles in our library and new ones are added all the time. You can even customize existing profiles or create your own with the built-in profile editor!

• Auto App Switching: Launch or switch between programs with a single tap.

• Login & Password Manager: One tap to auto-fill login information for your favorite web sites.

• Macros: Create and store your favorite shortcuts for one-touch access.

• Pause on Call: Automatically pause what's playing when you receive a phone call.

• Proximity Sensor: Turn off the screen to conserve battery.

• Integrated Web Browser: Surf the web, update Facebook, check sports scores, and more, without switching apps and without interrupting what's playing on your computer.

• Boxee/Plex/XBMC Gesture Pad - Control Boxee, Plex and XBMC with flicks and swipes.


* iOS 4.0 or greater.
* Wi-Fi network.
* Windows, Mac, or Linux PC to control.


* Visit http://hipporemote.com/setup to find step-by-step setup instructions for Windows, Macs, and Linux PCs.
* For Macs and Windows PC, we recommend installing our HippoVNC helper application.
* HippoRemote can also work by enabling Screen Sharing on Macs or installing a VNC server on Windows & Linux PCs.


* If you run into any problems, email us at [email protected]. We're quick to help!
* Please don't ask us questions in an iTunes review. We have no way of contacting you to respond to your issue.



Great app but needs to be updated for iOS 11.

Please update for iOS 11

This app has been the best up until now! Even not updated for iOS beyond v6, it’s worked fine. Now it won’t even open without being update. Any chance this can be updated???

Doesn’t work with iOS11

Unfortunately the developers have not built a version for iOS11. I’ll give it another 6 months or so, but I’m betting this has been abandoned.

Flippin awesome

It's perfect.. always works..

Very user friendly!

I'm very impressed. I just found this app today when my wireless keyboard took a crap. It walks you through step by step how to install and set it up. And it works great!

Was good but keeps closing

When I downloaded this app in the past, it was awesome! But now it's horrible. I start to use it for like 30 seconds then it automatically turns off! It's so frustrating!!!!!! Please fix the bug because I can't use this app for more than one minute :(

Works as promised

Easy set up

Keeps disconnecting!

I used to love this app and it would work well - now it disconnects any time I switch to another app, even briefly. :(

Don't miss it.

Amazing! It works perfectly, is incredibly smooth, and is really convenient. You can't miss it.


Works awesome! Easy to setup. Never have to leave the couch!

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