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A comprehensive move tool, Move Pro by Hilldrup was designed to make your move more efficient, help keep you organized and provide the resources you need throughout your entire relocation.
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With Move Pro you can:
- Manage multiple moves, both domestic and international
- Use QR codes to create labels that let you (and only you) view what’s in each box
- Know what’s in a box even if you don’t unpack if for months or even years
- Store picture of high value items for insurance purposes
- Know where those high value items are as soon as you arrive
- Move checklists that sync with your calendar (decide which tasks are important to you)
- Send task requests and We’ve Moved notifications to anyone on your contact list
- Track your shipments
- Expert moving advice and how-to videos
- Store important move related documents
- Links to useful resources
- In app access to your Hilldrup move counselor
- And much more…
Download Move Pro today to see why it’s the best moving app in the App Store.


Very helpful..

Nice flow and tips for moving

Amazing Moving App! More than I expected

I was hoping to find an app that would help with an upcoming move. I was surprised that I could not find a bunch of apps…maybe Apple users are not as tightly wound as I am! Although the app was for a moving company, it can be used 100% by anyone. I really like the idea of the QR codes. Printing was an easy step but scanning them proved a bit of a challenge. An email to the company was quickly met with a response and instructions. The scanning option is in the "resources" tab and there is a drop down at the top left portion of the page. The only negative aspect of the app is that the data does not transfer to another device. That would be a major improvement so that if people are in different rooms, they could use their own apple device to decode the QR code. (No other QR code reader will work.) Minimally, it would be great to be able to print out a list of all boxes and their contents. I found the video library, the links, and the ability to save documents into the app a delightful bonus.

Perfect, except...

...you can only access it from one device. We need to use multiple devices to access the same move details. Otherwise it all looks great.

Not user friendly
Why Weight

Great resources but I'm looking for a way to print out the qr codes, scan the code and say what's in the box. Description says this app is great for what I need butI can't figure out how to accomplish the tasks w/in the app. Again not user friendly.