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Highway Rider is free iOS app published by Battery Acid Games, Inc.

It's fun but bring it back

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Can you guys please switch the high way rider back to the original high way rider like a long time ago because I hate everything about it.

I miss the old version so much

roblox cool awsome

Old version goood waaaaaaaa

Bring back the old version


I like the old one better because u can freestyle

The old version was better


I strongly dislike this new updated version. I think this game would’ve been perfect if you had just upgraded the graphics. That is all it needed. This new level format feels restricting. I liked being able to ride freely without having to chase some stupid goal or knowing my destination was already picked out for me in the form of levels. I think keep the original game the exact same with some updated graphics is just what this game needed. Not this guided mess.

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Was better before

stop making these games

It was way better without the updates. You could freely drive without challenges and didn’t have to bye your moter cycle and when you hit something you did not respond automatically you fell and it said what broke and it looked real and that was a great feature. So I uninstalled☹️

Game went down hill


So, I used to play this game a lot when I was younger and I just redownloaded it. The new updates and courses are so lame compared to how the game used to be. We could have multiple player races, but the let’s ride was all about driving as far and fast as you can without being hit. There was no time, no end points, no racing levels. I am very dissatisfied with how this game has turned out to be. Where the crashing, the points you get for having broken bones or bleeding out or a cracked skull, going to the police station or the hospital when you crash, talking during your ride say “oh yeah” or “see you later loser” or “laters”, doing more fun things with your bike, all the things that made the game fun is gone. Plus now every time you finish a race you get an add. Before the game used to let you get at least 5 rides in before an add would pop up. Also every time you finish a race you have to exit then go back in to be able to start or find a new race/ride. The game has totally lost what made it so unique and entertaining.

Not as fun


It was way more fun when there was no update and now it’s not as fun Cause u used to be able to race and stuff but now u can’t it’s BORINGπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„!!!

This should change for the rider.


Oh Dear, I’m a highway rider.The older days were best and the older version of this game also was the best. That’s why I tap only the five star review. I request to do the classic thing again.

Great Game

Vidhya N

I love this game and I have been playing this since I am 4. I miss the old version as there were free rides and cool bikes. Hope we will get the old version along with the new version

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