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Participate in a high school teacher anime simulator game to recall your school life. Now you can enjoy your high school education being a high school girl teacher or boy, enhance your teaching skills, and help the students achieve their goals in various competitions playing high school games. A teacher lives at a long distance from the school, she has to take a train to get to school every day.
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Do some cool tasks as an anime school teacher. It's final papers time, you have to take the papers of all the students. It’s your responsibility to check the papers of your class and make a result. Distribute the papers back to students. You are a teacher, some students might not like the result made by you. As a teacher keep yourself safe from pranks and humiliating activities. There is a trip going to, participate in that. Go for some hiking, old museum visits, and much more fun. Have a fun time playing the virtual high school teacher amine simulator.


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