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High School Bully: Gang Fight

Are you ready to fight with high school gangster boys and girls to beat them in a Kung Fu karate fighting round? Download this anime high school, bad boys, fighting game now to take revenge on the bullies in your high school by using your ninja sense and ikemen samurai moves.
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This MOBA game has got extreme action along with a challenging fight on school premises. Gather your high school buddies to cheer for you while you defeat your rivals using karate kick. Choose an ikemen anime avatar of your liking and unlock new action, high school heroes, through coins that you can earn in each round. Upgrade your warriors’ powers and use strategy because gacha beat ‘em. Use toca controls to start the game and defeat the bully like a sora PRO.

This game offers 4 different modes to play in and all modes are unlocked upon completing 10 or more levels in story mode.

Knockout Mode:

You can select a knockout mode to beat an enemy randomly or choose an arcade mode to fight till your rivals beat you.

Multiplayer Mode:

You also get a multiplayer mode to play in, this mode pairs you against a random player to fight. Do not let the bully win, use your action strategy to win and reach sora heights.

Story Mode:

Start your high school story by standing against the bully and defeat all they do no stand up against you anymore. Listen to you friends yandere story about the bully fight and help defend them.

Arcade Mode:

Take the high school fight to the next level by fighting like an arcade hero. Your opponents will emerge in front of you like a battle story, and keep coming at you. Beat them to their game.

Live like a high school ikemen hero by defeating the rivals with your warriors’ skill. This will help you reach sora heights and make friends. Earn daily rewards in form of coins that you can use to upgrade your yandere action hero powers. Go to the store and unlock new fighters. Complete daily missions and do not forget to collect mission coins. Get a free spin that will help you in getting coins for a real action ninja strategy. This MOBA game is fun to play.

Practice your samurai moves well because bullies will not go easy on you. The way to achieve something is through fighting for what you believe is right. Do not let a bully get you. Use ikemen powers to teach them a lesson in this MOBA game. Gacha get good at this because your anime high school buddies are counting on you in this yandere simulator game.

Earn points for each defeat of rivals, take revenge from powerful school enemies, and level up your boxing skills to the top level. Prove your worth as the powerful kung fu samurai school gangster. Earn points and upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy or unlock new strikes and fighting styles getting points for each win. Refined animation and stunning 3D graphics bring the real kung fu samurai experience into your hand, while intuitive touchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun. Be an ikemen hero at your high school by winning the fights. Win the crazy attack & escape high school. Hit them hard with your strike weapons & brawl for your life in anime high school fighting games.

High School Bully: Gang Fight Features:

-Fight against strongest high school girls & boys gangsters
-Different combat & fighting styles in high school gang’s karate match
-Thrilling & challenging student’s girls & boys challenges
-Use punch & kicks sudden attack to defeat your rivals
-High school gangster kung fu & karate challenge with big rewards
-Get promoted by defeating bully fighters in city high school gang brawls.
-Smooth, easy & intuitive controls in-game
-Background music & sound effects will boost your energy in a gangster karate fighting match


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