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Hidden Journey: Find Objects

Hidden Journey a hidden object game like you've never played before!
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Tons of journey maps and locations, awesome graphics and hidden object art, fun minigames, bonuses, seekers notes and lots more.

Use your investigative skills to open new areas and objects on your quest.
Enjoy the simple and intuitive interface. Boost your concentration and have fun!
Easy controls help you find hidden figures fast, and helpful boosters are always just a tap away!
The best i spy games around!

Why you'll love Hidden Journey:
- Highly-detailed, awesome graphics.
- 9 different object finding mechanics.
- Level map with unique locations.
- 7 instruments to help your search.
- Instrument upgrade shop.
- Countdown timer to make the game more dynamic and immersive.


Too many
Time wa$ted

I understand that it’s a free game and money has to be made but why so many pop ups. One can’t even play one game without a popup.

Love the game BUT....
HD lady

This game is a lot of fun as well as challenging but every time you have to watch an ad to get rewards, etc. it is always “Lost Island:Blast Adventure” over and over and over again. Pretty tired of it!

Hidden Journey

I absolutely love this game!!!!truly addictive!!!! If only been playing it since about an hour or so ago, but it still has ma totally completely captivated!!!!


I really like the game but there is way to many ads!

Alicia Marie garske

I think the game could be made a little bit more fun. Instead of having people look for hidden objects, they can build a city or you could make it a murder mystery game.


Not too difficult

Best hidden object game

It’s the best by far. My only problem is the ads. There really really bad. It only take me like 15-30 seconds to solve each puzzle and there is an ad between EVERY puzzle. Thankfully these ads are only 3-5 seconds long but that means your spending any where from 1/10 to 1/3 of your time playing this game watching ads. Also some of the wording is a little weird. They wanted me to find a plane and so I was searching for a plane with wings for most of the level. After using a hint, turns out they wanted me to find a wood plane which was sitting right in front of me the whole time. This game is pretty good but there could be some fixes.

Hidden journey

I understand that ads will be in every game and I accept that, but when I get political ads in the middle of a game , I AM DONE. This is supposed to be fun,relaxing, a way to escape the pressures of every day life and then you throw in political ads. NOPE, I am done.

Hidden pictures

Not challenging enough

Too easy

The objects are too big and easy to find

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