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Looking for Offline Navigation? You don’t have to wait: HERE Maps has free offline maps and navigation available NOW in more than 100 countries!
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Here's to finding your way no matter where you are. Here's to embracing the world around you and daring to explore new places without worrying about getting lost. Here's to having the confidence to live your life, because you always know exactly where you're going.

With HERE, you can plan your journey ahead of time and save a map of your destination right on your iPhone. With maps for more than a 100 countries around the world, you'll never be lost — even when offline. See exactly where you are and find the best way around with a route planner that shows you driving, public transit and walking options at a glance.

When you're ready to head out, turn-by-turn, voice-guided driving and walk navigation takes you right to your destination — or use our public transit maps and schedules to get around by train or bus. With HERE, your maps are always loaded and ready to use, and you never need to rely on an Internet connection.

HERE makes maps more useful. Plan your next journey on and step off the plane with your full itinerary available right in your phone. Or find restaurants and shops in the moment: browse ratings and reviews from TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet to get the best perspective on where to go. No matter where you are, no matter where you're going, HERE will get you there.

What does HERE give you?

- Voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation that works around the world
- Maps you can save and use offline for more than a 100 countries, including the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia and Brazil
- Real-time traffic and incident information for more than 40 countries
- Public transit maps, directions and information for more than 900 cities
- A route planner that shows driving, public transit and walking options so you can quickly compare them
- Your saved places are available on all your devices so you can plan journeys easier

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Note: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. You can reduce your battery usage by saving maps to your phone ahead of time.

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Not there yet, but...
Daniel Gehrman

Not there yet, but getting better. Needs some work on the navigation. I would go off route and it would take me on a long detour, when in reality there is a shorter option. I will still use it though. Have high hopes for this app.

Keep up the good work

My favorite out of all navigation apps out there

Saving maps for later 👌 no sign-in / account required 👍👍

Quick test of a trip seems good. Very much like the speed limit aspect, and maps are clear. Slight user interface issue: didn't know how to go back to the prior screen intuitively. Good job Nokia.👍👍

Bring back HD voices!

Work on the core services is fine. But voices are now robotic and a pain to listen to. On iOS 11.4.1. It’s a robotic female voice. On iOS 12.0 beta 1-6, it’s a robotic male voice. Can’t change since the options are English with spoken street names or none. I liked this when it was Nokia and Microsoft. But after the conglomerate buyout. It’s garbage good sir/madam.

Great offline international map

This app has successfully guided me through London, Rome, Naples, Paestum, and Paris. It has always done a pretty good job in the Chicago area as well. All without paying a dime. Of you have a specific restaurant you want to go to save it in a collection while you have WiFi. It will have all the highlights and a decent selection of restaurants in just the standard download though.

Favorite navigation app
Cnepub user

This has replaced google map as my default navigation app. It offers more intuitive navigation interface and offline maps with reasonable download size.

Bilal Abdelkarim

Bad to worse

Using in South Korea is not possible

What is the reason for?

Will not open - gets stuck
liakos ephone

I use only off-line navigation and have enjoyed this application for several years when it was installed in nokia phones (different nane then). Now installed in my iOS 10.3.3 (iphone5) but has problems. An update around the end of 2017 it crashes. It will not run, it will not start. Deleted and re-installed several times with no luck. "The bug fixes and stability improvements of 2018 Jan. 24" did nothing, had no effect. Still stuck, will not run or start. I no longer use it. On 2018 March 5 I noticed some improvement. Application opens (runs) after 3-4 attempts. 2018 May 5: Application notifies to update maps. I tried to update several times but it crashes. I deleted and re-installed maps but had the same problem. The problem was solved only after I deleted and re-installed the app. Unfortunately this took very long time to download my maps (USA and some EU countries). This is an excellent off-line navigation with headaches. 7/20/2928 update. Much better performance. Changed from ** to ****! Good performance navigating in TX and GR.


Where is this thing taking me? Asked to go from Mentor, Ohio to Columbus. Should just go I 271 to I 71. Couldn’t believe the way it tried to take me. This may be program that Amazon Echo is using because it takes the same way. It takes a 2 hour and 42 minute trip and makes it 3 hours and 12 min.

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