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Hello day: Afternoon (education apps for kids)

See how the day has dawned? Now it’s time to get to all those new interesting activities and daily tasks that await us. Funtiki presents a new game.
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Education $0.99 Faina Girko iPhone, iPad, iPod

Join in the new role-playing fun where your children will pretend they’re running a household as they set about the daily jobs that must be done:
- Feeding hungry pets isn’t an easy task – so many kinds of food, so many animals. It’s so easy to mix everything up and make your pets angry.
- Tidy up the room by solving mini-puzzles.
- After you get done with your chores, take a trip to the lake and catch beautiful fish. And maybe you’ll come across something interesting!
- After all that work, it’s time to fortify yourself – it’s time for a delicious, healthy lunch!

- The scenes contain simple logic puzzles which develop your child’s attention span and logical thinking.
- The two characters, a boy and a girl, are lively, cheerful, and sweet.
- This role-playing game is designed to foster children’s enthusiasm for their daily chores.
- The intuitive interface of the children
- No advertising
- No in-game purchase
- No strong rules – play as much as you like
- Recommended for kids aged 2-6 years old



amazing!how does it do that with so great features,be a housekeeper and get ready for it,I did really enjoy it,acting as a role that make you feel good.your children should not have missed it,come on.


Children's games, children can go fishing in the game, feeding pets, housecleaning, etc. My daughter likes to play.


I'm hooked on this one!! This has all the features that I waited for! Best app!


This game is so fun that my kid likes it and I recommend it to you.

Good afternoon

My little girl is just following Hello day: Morning to Afternoon. This series of games tunes my little girl to household, which is the children's favorite. Feeding the dog, cat, parrot and fish, the need to pick the different foods. Tidy up the room by solving mini-puzzles. My little girl is a bit unhappy when fish she only catch the boots in the lake. Anyway good fun for children.

This is a great application

You can let the kids play the game and can learn how to do some simple housework. Young children's ability. The children are also very fond of the game


Let the children learn and understand the common sense of life at the same time of grow up. But the pictures are not enough beautiful.

Not ideal for iPhone

This app is not very intuitive, yet lacks instructions. It is also very difficult to use on an iPhone because it requires precise finger placement and movement. I suspect it would work better on the iPhone. I wish I would have been able to try it out before buying. There are too few features for the $1.99 price point. $.99 would be the max I'd pay for this app, and then only on the iPad.


Good game,i love it.

Controls need to be improved

Not sure if it's just my ipad but some of the games don't work. Since there's no directions it makes it difficult because I'm unsure if it's just me or the game. My three year old became frustrated and gave up. Please improve!

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