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Streams audio via wifi to smartphones and tables for venues using the Hearing HotSpot broadcast system.
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Productivity Free Williams Sound, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Hearing Hotspot™ is the latest innovation from the wireless communication experts at Williams Sound. The Hearing Hotspot app allows you to stream audio directly to any compatible mobile phone or tablet in near real-time for free.

*** The Hearing Hotspot app works in any venue that has installed the Hearing Hotspot broadcast system. Simply look for the Hearing Hotspot signs in your favorite venue or start the app to check for nearby locations ***

Imagine walking into a venue with multiple TVs that you cannot hear, or sitting through a live performance that is difficult to follow due to poor acoustics. With Hearing Hotspot, you simply download the app, connect to the local Wi-Fi in the participating venue, and select your channel. Audio will stream directly to your own device with quality superior to that of an MP3!

Ultra-low latency ensures the video source or live performance is always in sync with your audio. With Hearing Hotspot, you can listen with your own device and headphones. There is no need to request a special receiver or worry about cleanliness of equipment. The app even allows you to connect with your friends through social media and to receive special offers and messages from the venue you are visiting.

For more information about Hearing Hotspot from Williams Sound, please visit us at www.hearinghotspot.com


What a great idea

Fantastic app. Can't wait until there are more locations.

Failed app

It’s simply doesn’t work. It only give the location, WHILE your already at the location. Needs fixing

App now working on iOS 11.3

Yay, app works now. However, it still doesn’t show what channels are what stations. Would nice if it remembered these definitions from a previous session so at there’s at least something to select from. Also the location map feature doesn’t seem to work. I’ve never found any location that supports the app in my area, including the fitness club where I use the app on the map. What gives? But the app now works in iOS 11.3 and the devs were very responsive fixing a tricky problem brought by an Apple change.


Useless. Didn’t work at all.

Spins, never connects

This use to work at the gym I go to but now, it just spins and never makes the connection. The gym checked their settings and they are good. *** after emailing them and explaining they fixed the problem. They were very prompt and courteous