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Health Sync for Fitbit

Sync all the data from your Fitbit to the Apple Health App!
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Health & Fitness $3.99 Jaiyo Inc. iPhone, iPod

Supported Daily Data:
* Resting Heart Rate
* Step Count
* Distance
* Active Calories
* Resting Calories
* Weight
* Body Fat Percentage
* Body Mass Index (BMI)
* Lean Body Mass
* Dietary Calories
* Water
* Flights Climbed
* Sleep Analysis

***Step Count & Distance***
If you have an iPhone 5s, 6(s), or 6(s)+, then your iPhone is already counting steps. To avoid having your iPhone sync the same steps, iPhone Step Counting needs to be turned off. Go to Settings App -> Privacy -> Motion and Fitness -> Fitness Tracking and turn the Health switch to off.

***Background Sync***
iPhone Background Syncing occurs somewhat randomly based on how often you use an app. Manually Sync if you notice data in Apple Health is a bit behind Fitbit.

* All information that is read from Fitbit is immediately put into Apple Health and then discarded. The app does not store any of the information.

* New Fitbit API requires users to re-login every 30 days.

* The URL Scheme for this app is healthsync-fitbit.

Contact us at for bug reports and suggestions.

Fitbit is a registered trademark and service mark of Fitbit, Inc. Health Sync for Fitbit is designed for use with the Fitbit platform. This product is not put out by Fitbit, and Fitbit does not service or warrant the functionality of this product.


Syncs - but only manual

Does what it says. Only manual sync 😒 you have to open up the app and hit the sync button manually every time. Background sync does not seem to work. How about a widget that does the sync, or a notification to remember syncing? Also the modal sync dialog / confirmation is kind of pointless since the only option is “view later in Health”. Should not be modal imho.

Does not sync.
Just the ed

Just downloaded this app. It keeps asking for me to authenticate by re- logging in. Does not work. I am on iphone using IOS 10.0. It is totally irresponsible to sell an app the is not compatible with our phones software. I will cancel payment on credit card.

Does not work

Keeps asking to reauthenticate. I have done everything including changing my Fitbit password, etc. I have a One so maybe it's not compatible? I've seen others with this same issue. I bought this because two other top sync apps failed as well and one used to work. Waste of money.

Great app, total lifesaver
James Baxter

It's great to be able to sync all my Fitbit data to HealthKit. I probably wouldn't even use my Fitbit if it weren't for this app.

No Heart Rate Sync

That was why I picked the app. It only sort of works. Not worth the money. If it worked 100% I'd willingly paid double. Unfortunately it's incomplete and does not sync the data I need it to. I'm too busy of a professional to troubleshoot with app support. I'm an IT solution designer and developer, so if I can't troubleshoot it, it's the software itself. Best of the six products claiming to sync though.

Heart Rate sync stopped working

Heart rate sync stopped working about 5 days ago. Worked fine until then.

Hr not working

Heart rate not syncing anymore. Looks like my last push was 27 September.

Does what it says.

Works great.

Choose days you wish to sync

Would be nice to choose day or days you would like to sync. I use Fitbit and Apple watch and sometimes have duplicate steps on days I have used my Apple watch. Otherwise this app is a must have for fitbit owners.

Stopped working

App has never synced automatically and now won't sync manually. Keeps telling me to log out and back in, but still doesn't work. Hasn't in two weeks. I'm going to have to get a different app to do the job.