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"The Health Mart® Pharmacy app gives you the ability to quickly and conveniently manage your prescriptions on the go.
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The Health Mart app lets you:
- Refill your prescription(s).
- Set text, email, and mobile-push reminder messages to help you know when it is time to request a refill or take your medicine.
- View your prescription history.
- Get point-to-point directions to your pharmacy.
- View pharmacy hours, services, events and phone number.

Your local Health Mart pharmacy must be participating in Your Pharmacy Online in order to offer the official Health Mart mobile app. Contact your local Health Mart pharmacy to find out if they offer this service."

Supports iOS 7.0 and above.


Worthless Features and Doesn’t Communicate with Specific Pharmacies

I’ve had this app for several years. I have been hoping developer would make changes to better serve patients of Health Mart Pharmacy. I’m on a lot of medications & very easy to miss a refill. I’m on auto refill at my pharmacy & I still have to call to remind them to fill. I guess I fell off their auto refill process. So....I decided to give this app another try.... Refill Tab: You must enter RX & name of script is optional. I entered several medications w/o any issue. However, I have a couple of meds that come in boxes that get tossed such as inhalers & nose sprays. I don’t have the RX but I’ve got the name. I tried to skip over the asterisk on RX # & only add the name of the medication. Big fat NOPE! So I put the request in the note section & hoped for the best. My pharmacy is usually pretty good at filling & delivering to me same day. It was getting late in the afternoon & I hadn’t received a text saying meds are ready for pick. I called the delivery girl & she said she didn’t have anything for me. She called the pharmacy & nothing showed up for them to fill. She only was aware of one & told them to fill. There was no traceability from this app to the store. Another big fat NOPE! After I was done fighting that issue for a good hour of complete frustration...I clicked on “RX History”. It was completely blank. I was under the assumption (my bad) that ALL my meds would be in this tab since I’ve got a LONG RX history. I’ve used this app in 2014 and again 2019 with the same issues. I’ve sent emails to developer then and again 2019. Unresponsive. Once I requested my meds, then those particular meds are now in the “RX History”. ONLY the ones I requested. Even after I submitted my request, pharmacy never received the request. Why oh why does the RX History not have ALL of my meds so I can better manage them and have them refilled....remember I fell thru the cracks on several meds that were on auto fill but they didn’t till I called asking what the status is. This app is not worth the extra space it uses on my phone. It would be nice to have the pharmacy & this app “talk” to each other. Having ALL of my meds on the app for easier management of my meds of refill requests or “hide” meds that no refill required (like antibiotics). I’ve not gotten to the other tabs on the app & sadly, this is giving me a migraine. I’m spinning my wheels. Someone PLEASE PLEASE make this app worthy of using. Right now it is completely & utterly useless.

Love this app

This is the best thing ever!! My pharmacist stays on top of his messages and any time I send my request for a refill in, I usually receive my meds same day or if I send request in late I'll receive meds next day. Easiest thing ever to use.

Worthless, almost never works

Almost never works. Support is worthless also. Remove app and reinstall will get it to work once or twice then it's dead again.

Very frustrating.....

As others have said, it's a great app when it works… many times I want to refill A med but it's at night or on the weekend when the pharmacy is closed. However, more often than not keep telling me it cannot get a response from the server. I am left to delete the app reinstall it and then it will work. Most annoying to have to do this repeatedly. There have been no updates to this app in quite some time. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did…

Quite simply, a bad app
Der Förster

I would like to remain loyal to my local Healthmart Pharmacy, but Healthmart has no interest in supporting this application. It almost NEVER works when I try to order a refill and support's response is always "there's nothing wrong with the app., just delete it, reinstall, enter all your information again and it will work." I go through this nonsense almost every time I use the app.

Can't find local HealthMart Pharmacy

Have tried locating my local HealthMart by current location, by zip code, and by name. All this App can find is a pharmacy more than 45 miles away. Have tried reinstalling, no luck. Not at all useful. Based on other reviews, this App needs a lot of work on both front and back end before it can be deemed useful. Hoping for an update to address these issues.


Would be a very nice tool if it worked. Time after time I've entered my information jut to have it disappear! Totally worthless!

Dumb Dumb Dumb

This app almost never remembers the past drug history -- which about the only reason anyone would use it. As far as I can tell, they offer no support or inclination to fix it. Probably says a lot about the whole company. They should take this app off the market and fire their IT department.

Nice App but needs more
Ops girl

I love this app to order my meds. Used it for the first time this week. Works great. I Hope it will soon allow you to pay online instead of when you arrive to the pharmacy. Also it would be nice if it would allow you to list your medications without ordering have it in your list when need to order.


This is great for ordering refills if you enter the information each time, however it is unreliable when using the Rx history refill option. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. As it is more convenient for me to order using the app, I will just have to live with it.

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