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He-Man™ Tappers of Grayskull™

Fight alongside He-Man® in this fast-paced TAPPING adventure RPG!
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Skeletor has discovered secret magic that could turn his Evil Warriors into destructive TITANS! He-Man must put a stop to this great evil before he conquers all of Eternia! Hold up your Power Sword for the best and coolest He-Man experience yet!

* Perform special gestures to unleash powerful attacks
* Summon Battle Cat®, She-Ra®, Man-At-Arms®, Teela®, The Sorceress®, and more to resist Skeletor's MASSIVE army
* Collect powerful swords and armor, and customize your look
* Upgrade all characters and use a variety of skills to beat hard bosses
* Collect 37 of Eternia's most powerful ancient artefacts
* Compete in online multiplayer Tournaments and win rare prizes
* Explore wonderful Eternia and complete tons of quests
* With a unique comic art style and flashy graphics to boot!

Seek aid from the Masters of the Universe to battle through hordes of Skeletor's MASSIVE army. Level up your powers and tap or swipe to bash your way through Skeletor's minions. Unleash mighty abilities by tracing magic patterns. Dig up and collect Eternia's most ancient artifacts to aid you in the war against Skeletor. Customize your equipment, and join the most exciting online & ranked Tournaments!

Start your epic journey in Eternia TODAY!

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** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience. **


It’s all right

It’s a pretty good and fun game, kind of repetitive but I really enjoy it. Just wish there was more to do but I really do enjoy the characters and gameplay. Really wish there were more Masters of the Universe games.

I Love It!

It’s so addictive!

No idle

You need to keep the game open, closing out coming back later advances nothing. Waste.


How tf do I change my language back to English...

No offline gains, lack of updates

I want to like this game so bad because it’s He-man. But given the lack of ANY offline progression and the last update was 7months ago at the time of this review, I have little to no hope this will be resolved. Just another app put out there to money grab.

Clicker doesn’t work offline like thought
Wild B

Nice... but would be more appreciated if worked offline like other clickers

He man!!!’You are amazing

He man i am a big fan of yours he man he man he man he man he man so he man is ther suth thing as her girl is ther is ther i am gist wondering but i am a bog fan he man he man he man he man he man he man

Getting worse

Game worked fine at first. Now it crashes constantly and the latest event still hasn’t gave out rewards. Sometimes I earn gold while offline, sometimes I don’t. Beginning to wonder if this game has been completely abandoned.

The voices are great...then the game happens

As a child, I lived and breathed this series during its initial run. Now that I've played this game for over a year, I find it a collection of bugs around a few great voice clips. While it will take about a month of reasonable game play to get to the upper echelons of the tournaments, it's not worth it because the same people (likely bots) *always* win. Lately, the game has gotten glitchier to the point that it's now still processing results from a tournament that ended the days ago and the game crashes after a few minutes. Reinstalling does nothing to correct this. If you watched the original animated series in the 80's, download and play this game for an hour to hear all the voice clips. Then delete it and spare yourself hours of agony trying to make it work.

Crashing a ton

I love the game. Super fun and worth a 5 star once the crashing issue is resolved. It didn’t start crashing until after the master tournament. The master tournament now says processing results and has been for 3 days. I’m guessing the crashing has to deal with that.