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HDMiniCam greatly simplifies the user to use IPCamera, without cumbersome network configuration, can be easy to watch the live video in the phone, support two-way voice intercom (subject to camera support), support for screenshots, supports real-time recording and playback.
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Photo & Video Free Xiaomei Yang iPhone, iPad, iPod


Horrible app
Vanessa Devia

Constantly crashes can’t save video to my phone can connect a camera to be view with two devices before it errors out.

It’s not working, I’m not sure about this

I don’t know if is the camera or the app, when I connected the camera was working, few hours later the screen is black trying to connect and shows nothing, could spend hours with the black screen and doesn’t connect, I don’t know what to do with this

Alarm snapshot function is intermittent

Alarm snapshot function is intermittent. Yes, I do get a notification, but when I go and open the alert tab, it doesn’t show anything. 1 of 2 camera is with 20% chance, another one is once in blue moon. When it works, I get massive alerts and some of them has snapshots, some of them don’t have snapshot and only time stamp. It is very intermittent.

App crashing

The app crashes every time I try to view a recording

Great app, simple to use!

This app is awesome and user friendly...I have two hidden cameras connected to it and have never had an issue with clarity or connection.

family sharing?

Does anyone know how to add family sharing? MB

Worst app -10 stars
Cable QC

App is the worst i have ever seen apple allow. Freezes so bad you cant even turn off your phone. Its like the app is doing something malicious in the back ground and wont allow you to shut it off. -10 stars

Easy, fast, and works great!

I didn’t have any problems at all with this app. I downloaded it, read the instructions, and quickly set it up. I’ve brought this to hotels and it works great for keeping an eye on the room while I go out to eat, hit meetings or am gone for the day. The camera heats up and that concerns me, but I haven’t had any problems from that either. This is a great app and I believe all the people knocking it just haven’t read or understood the directions. I’m not a super computer geek or anything but I didn’t have one problem with this. If you don’t understand how to work it or are having problems, I’m sure you can get help by contacting the company. I love this and it gives me a sense of security I certainly wouldn’t have otherwise. Thank you, Devs!!


Says I need to request service. Wow wonder how I’ll do that. Nothing about it in the small book. Smh.

After update, the motion detection doesn’t work.

It appears the camera goes into sleep mode when you aren’t looking at it through the app. So, you don’t receive any alarms. Which is exactly why I bough this camera. It’s really frustrating. Please fix the app so the camera is always connected and the alarms work.