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Fight alongside legendary pirates in your search of lost treasure, laying waste to all who cross your path. Haypi Pirates is a multiplayer strategy game where only the bravest and most resourceful players survive. Defeat the Spanish Armada, seize riches, join forces with other players, and dominate the high seas!
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Games Free Haypi Co., Ltd. iPhone, iPad, iPod

What you can find in the game:
Turn the seas into your very own kingdom!
Five treacherous waters hold a PVP showdown!
Recruit over 10 pirate officers to fight for you!
Armor your officers with powerful equipment!
Vanquish over a hundred enemies!
Fight through hundreds of levels!

...Free to download! No registration required.
...Irresistible rewards for attendance, the Pirate Tourney, and infamy!
...Recruit notorious officers, give them amazing specialties, and forge powerful weapons! The sea is yours to command!
...5 levels of treacherous PVP waters are waiting. Only the strongest players can master them and conquer the seas. The more dangerous the waters, the better rewards you can get!
...Surprises everywhere: rare sea monsters that pop out of nowhere, merchant ships loaded with cargo, and drifting islands full of hidden treasure.
...Multiplayer interaction! Enter the Pirate Tourney, pillage other players, plunder their cargo ships, or join a guild...There are plenty of ways to reach the top!

Build a home base and perform frequent trades to create your pirate kingdom!
Become infamous with notorious officers and powerful equipment at your side!
Make your pirate kingdom impenetrable with advanced technology and wall reinforcements!
Arrange your officers and join a pirate guild to conquer the seas!

The grand adventure awaits you. Download the game and create your very own kingdom of pirates!


Great Game, no support

Granted the game has been out for a while, but seem like Haypi is trying to run the rest of us off. I log on, play my main account, and when I switch to my alternate I’m locked out for hours. I’ve played 3 years, great game, but now I just wonder when they are going to flip the switch.



Nice pirates

!great game

Shaky ones

Fun game if u just enjoy casual play but u can be serious in pop if u want ?


In game over 2 weeks and still finding new possibilities and new game play. Enjoying a lot.

great game


Haypi pirate

Great game!

Irish snoop

Don't be a hamper hound,. Aooohoo

Abandoned game

Don’t bother. They’ve abandoned this game; there is no support at all. Certainly, don’t spend any money.

Time killer

A great time killer game. Very addicting. There is a lot of different things you can do.