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A lot more goes on at orchards than you realize. Pollinators, one of the smallest inhabitants of orchards, play one of the largest roles of all. This app teaches you how pollinators spread pollen across the orchard and show you what is important to the orchard trees during the summer and fall, through three unique games.
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You will start in the spring where you will fling your choice of pollinator into the blossoms to help pollinate them and turn them into apples. The apples that you have pollinated will need cared for in the next game, the summer, where you will monitor the weather, add water when necessary, and avoid pests. The final game, harvest, requires you to pick all the apples by moving a bucket under them and picking each one.

This app is generously provided by the Kimmel Educational Foundation and Nebraska Extension.


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Ask Dr. Connie

We realize the flower flinger for Level One is not quite perfect; however, try Levels Two and Three. Our team would enjoy hearing your feedback so we can continue to improve the App, the lives of pollinators and your Happy Orchard experience!

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