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Pig, who found her way to you, is only just alive, and doesn't have enough happies. Her piglets and friends are all gone.
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Games Free COCOSOLA Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Pig herself has forgotten how to move and just lies there. When you touch her, she begins to move again.

Gradually she learns more and more movements. Her piglets play energetically, grabbing at each other and tumbling. Friends visit as the seasons change. Perhaps you'll grow happy along with Pig.


Fun, but ads
sapphire Rose Leah Wilson

It’s a fun and cute game. However, the amount of aids that came by -in gift bag form- are on the annoying side.


Fun time waste; cute graphics!


This game is so so so freaking ADORABLE! The graphics are perfect and it makes the game feel so much more real. I wanted a pet pig so bad but my Oba wouldn’t let me get one so my Itoko showed me this app and I have literally fallen in love with it so much better than a real pet pig!!!! 🐖

Excellent game, would love for more to be added.
Cute t.b

When I had downloaded this I expected it to be slightly boring however I was very surprised. Within minutes of playing it I was hooked, and played it for hours on end. I have love the graphics and it was a fun, entertaining, and very unique game. I was saddened when I had finally maxed out everything and finished it. I would absolutely love for more to be added to this game, I don’t want this game to ever end. It is an absolutely amazing and excellent game, please graciously update and add more to the game so that we may continue to make pig happy.

Best game ever

This is the cutest game. I love it!

I want to adopt this pig
Xinli Liya

Never my life have I become so attached to a pig. This is a great game and it’s super cute they also don’t have any micro transactions so that’s a huge plus tho there are ads but there not too bad !! So please adopt this pig <3


I love this game soooo much. I rarely write reviews for games so if y’all got me this far, you should be impressed. I regret writing one review, but this one I’m proud of right now! I wish you could make it where you can make different games so you can keep playing one you’ve completed, and start a new one with different pigs with different personalities! I love this game though! Keep up the good work! Btw, this game is so stinking cute! 🐖 🐷 🐽 ❤️


I love this game so much. It’s relaxing and helps relieve my anxiety. It brings my mood up and is such a wonderful game. It would be cool if after you’re all maxed out you can make like a little farm and decorate it with items you earn in a mini game or something!

It’s SOOO Cute! 😍

It’s an amazingly cute game and I love it! One suggestion though, I don’t know if there’s a way to change this, but whenever I finish watching an ad for hearts, it turns off the sounds and music. It’s annoying because I have to keep going to the settings and putting the sound back on. But that’s OK!

Anonomouse Weaboo

; u ; Thaaaaaanks you I havs a lots of happy and like game so pretty and love graphic so can make another game like? A more like animal like cow or goat I like animal game I want to see more game because like animal so much and see how good game is wanna see more so wanna Help by likein game and thank for make game. :D

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