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Pig, who found her way to you, is only just alive, and doesn't have enough happies. Her piglets and friends are all gone.
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Games Free COCOSOLA Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Pig herself has forgotten how to move and just lies there. When you touch her, she begins to move again.

Gradually she learns more and more movements. Her piglets play energetically, grabbing at each other and tumbling. Friends visit as the seasons change. Perhaps you'll grow happy along with Pig.


Great game
dino man 101

Great art with a great game makes happiness I love the intro and the music

It’s good but what do u do if you max out?
Harmony Lynn

The game is great but I’m maxed out so.... what now?.... we need more thing to do... maybe I should just start over or something...? It’s a great game when u still have things to do. ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅

Cute habitat builder

It’s a little short, but to me that just means it’s a game I can finish! The animals are cute, learn new movements, and are fun to watch as you construct every aspect of the environment. Definitely worth a pick-up if you like environment builders.

Max level boring

I’m max level here and so...... now what need more to do.

Great Graphics, Lots of Commercials

I tried to like this game, and I even stuck with it til I maxed out all the animals, which took about 4 days. If you do want to upgrade any animal past the pig, you will have to watch about a hundred ads (ok if you keep it on while doing other stuff, but still annoying). The graphics are really nice, but game play is choppy and not well explained. Also, prepare to waste 10 minutes with an annoying introduction!! Really wish I wouldn't have wasted my time!

Very relaxing
Rater of this app ^~^

It really helps my mind feel focused and relaxed. Amazingly simple and fun.

Love the idea

This game is like those other tap and collect games but this is more calming and light hearted. I love the idea and its a good game for people who like more happy fun games

Cute but ads are unbearable

The premise of the game is very cute, the graphics are pleasant, etc. but you have to watch ads constantly.

Edward the clown

This game gave me life and a reason to wake up in the morning. Dot I luv ma piggy we have a special bond we like to make bebies

I hate pigs
Soo Youn

I hate pigs but I love playing this game