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Hamster Cage Escape

This little hamster is sick of it! Everyday the same thing.. Run on the wheel.. Drink out of the water bottle.. Take a swim in the hamster jacuzzi.. He knows there just HAS to be more outside of these metal bars. Help the little guy find a way out, but watch out for that pesky cat that wants to gobble you up every chance he can get!
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Games Free Flora ICT B.V iPhone, iPad, iPod

Play as a cute hamster in this FREE escape game! Find all of the items and toys laying around his cage and use them in crazy ways to blast that door open! Once out, who knows where he'll go! Rate the game high and maybe you can help him get out of the house too!

* Cute graphics that will have anyone say "d'aawww thats adorable!"
* Many items to find and puzzles to solve!
* Extra collectibles for an extra challenge!
* Show off your skills by posting your best time to Game Center!
* Seach Cartoon Escape, Hamster Escape, escape 3D, or e3D for even more FREE escape games!
* As always, find this and many other great FREE apps on m.bored.com!

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