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Halloween Spooky Mahjong Free

Complete 120 unique levels with various difficulty and dynamics, earn points and gain XP. Increase your rating and climb up the hierarchy ladder.
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Trick or treat!

On Halloween night you have a unique opportunity to visit 6 different lands to play Mahjong there and earn a variety of trophies.

On each level you should remove gold tiles, which makes the game process even more interesting as well as diversifies its visual side (for instance: there are levels with wandering gold tiles).

The levels vary by the number of categories: there are classic layouts with a full set of 7 categories, but also levels with increased dynamics owing to the limited number of included categories.


wonderfull game
Cloud kitty

I love this game !


this is a great game!!!


I like everything about Halloween, this game is excellent!


Great game!

Mahjong deluxe
Perky's gal

Great game

Need more levels

Please add more levels & pages!

Bradley's mom

I like having to really look at the tiles. They start to run together after looking for a while. Love it.

Needs Updating
J Bryant

This was a great game that I went ahead and bought for such a good price, but after updating my iPad to IOS 8 it will no longer open. Sad because it was one of my most favorite mahjong games.

Good game, but.....
Omega Girl

I really like this mahjong game. Love the Halloween graphics. What I DO NOT like is that you are timed for every game! Why must you do that? Not everyone likes "timed" games. I like to take my time when playing mahjong. It's suppose to be relaxing, not a speed race! Please update this game and let us have the option to at least turn OFF the timer. Let us just play the game, not see how fast we can finish it. Thank you!

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