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Read Hacker News (https://news.ycombinator.com/) articles and comments with this clean, simple, modern looking and fast performing universal app.
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• One touch saving to Pocket or Readability to read it later
• Share Articles, Comments & user profiles

Filter stories by
• Ask/Show HN
• Today/Yesterday/Week's Best
• Noob/Newest stories

• Standard YC color theme
• Dark theme
• Blue/Green/Pink theme

• Articles are presented in a readable mode using readability.
• Option to open links in built in browser or external browser
• Option to collapse comment, and thread
• Tap on the "Time ago" in the comment to collapse the comment and replies
• Tap on the user id to see user's profile


Freezes lately

For a little while now the app has been prone to freezing and the view is unable to scroll. Has been great otherwise so hope the developer can resolve.

Was great, now starts hanging

When reopening from followed links it hangs. If you opened a notification and go back to the app using the back button, it hangs. Near unusable for me now.

Nice UI but locks often

I like the UI for this Hacker News App the best of any that I have tried. However, it frequently locks up when I switch away from the app and then back to it.

Used to be good
This nickname is taken xncjdjf

Once a very good app, now hangs all the time.

Freezes all the time!

Since the new iOS 11, the app freezes after locking the phone or switching from another app. Too bad, it was a great app

Now all the keyboard fonts are question marks...

I’ve had problems with the app locking up, and I’ve been willing to live with those. Although, they are becoming more frequent. However, the real killer now prevents me from effectively being able to respond to anything. I mean, I kinda semi sorta touch type on the iPad, but it is mentally very painful and seriously slows down my thought processes. So, yeah — until this gets fixed, I now give this app just one star. EDIT: Okay, it’s so badly broken now that I just deleted it. Unfortunately, I’ve already given it just one star, and it’s not possible to reduce that any further. Sigh.....

Severe regression

As of the last several weeks, a formerly brilliant app has turned into a complete disaster for me. About 7 out of every 10 times I switch back to the app, the main view is frozen and requires me to restart it. Based on this unfixed regression, and the amount of time it took to support the iPhone X screen, it seems pretty clear that this app just isn’t supported well enough to be a daily driver.

Used to be Great!

Sorry for the 1-star. This app used to be fantastic and extremely stable. For some reason the 7.1 update on my iPhone 6S (iOS 11.3.X) is stable only until I go to another app for a while (undefined amount of time) and then come back to this app. So the issue seems to stem from pause/resume action. Thank you for your awesome app, and I hope whatever caused the issue is fixed soon!

Used to work great

This used to be great but now it freezes when you switch back to this app from another. I hope they fix it!

Like it, but it crashes often and looses settings
Matt Girey

Biggest complaint is that it does not save settings, so I need to change font etc every time I open the app. It crashes often too.