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Habits Tracker: Calendar, Goal

Build healthy daily habits and improve your life! To keep you motivated, Super Habit shows you your progress on a yearly calendar, your current and longest streak for each habit, as well as your yearly and all-time completion rates.
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Many fantastic skills take at least a few months before you can achieve great results: learning an instrument, getting back in shape, learn a new language, etc. Focus on doing a little bit every day, log it into the app Super Habit, and within a few months you’ll start to see great results.

Build good habits, break bad habits and achieve greatness!

If you want to build even more habits and get better in all areas of your life, you can upgrade to Super Habit PRO!

We care about your privacy: your data never leaves your phone or the iCloud/iTunes backups of your phone. We do not save any of your habits data to our servers.

- Unlimited number of habits
- Dark Mode
- Billed once, lifetime access. No subscription :-)

Feel free to get in touch via the app if you have any feedback or suggestion, I read all your emails!

To a better you,


Love it so far

I’ve been meaning to start practicing learning Dutch because I’m living in Amsterdam. After downloading the app, I set up a “learn Dutch,” habit, and did my first practice session. App is clean and user friendly, excited to keep at it! Btw learned of it through reddit.

Great app, bad execution

This is a great. However limiting the test user to 2 habits and asking for $5 is a horrible decision. It only gets this app deleted after a one star review. Here is a tip: do what you’re doing on the app it’s great. Give the user 21 days of all bells and whistles (to form a habit). Once you hook them on, charge them whatever fee you want. Although I believe it should be $2.99. You should make money from quantity. Since it’s easier to pay $2.99 vs $5.99.

Good Developer

Great app, continuously improving, developer actually listens and responds to feedback. Few features that are missing but it is going in the right direction.

Great app

Clean, simple, minimalistic and functional. I love it!

Really promising

The grid overview that shows all of your completions is surprisingly fun and motivating. I really like the clean design of this app. Great start. ??

Super App

It’s really nice to have a chance to keep tracks on your habits like running, cycling, flying drone etc. and seeing the days you were active on tile-based charts. Especially if you’re an organized person. Only missing thing I’ve noticed is a widget. It’d be pretty convenient to mark those days for habits through a widget. Also being able to set different colors for each habit might be a good idea. Thanks for developing this app! Much appreciated.

Close to greatness

From a UX standpoint, this is one of my favorite habit tracking apps. The haptic feedback adds a layer of tactility, and the dark UI is nice and clean. As of right now, it’s lacking a few key things that I personally need in a habit tracker. Mainly, the need for streaks to be set up with number per week, or specific day setup. Adding negative streaks would be a nice addition as well. I’m excited to see where this app can go from here, and I don’t think it’ll be long before it’ll be a staple for me.

Solid App

Really like the app so far, it’s minimalistic and non intrusive. I would like if habits could be categorized by good or bad.

Finally find my habit tracker.

I never write reviews but this tracker has seriously helped to change my life. Totally worth the $5 and the visual side of how many day streaks you’re on really helps to. Can’t wait for a Mac app.

Best Habit App of them all!

I have tried several habit tracker/habit breaker apps that are highly reviewed and rated and this is by far the best. It’s user interface design is simplistic and user friendly. I am now making progress on my goals and couldn’t be happier with how it tracks my data. The 365 calendar is a great visual tool and I love how it keeps your longest streak count. It’s also very easy to input your data, just one click and you’re done for the day!

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