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Guns of Glory: Lost Island is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG


Dont Play123

Constant ads for you to buy is a normal thing. This game is almost impossible as there is no balance between levels and high level players will wipe you out before you can even enjoy the game.

No thanks.

Shawn vanzandt

After reading the reviews it is clear this game is bs. Most legitimate reviews are bad reviews. If you actually look through, a lot of them were clearly written by someone that stands to make a profit from the game. The one word five star reviews all in a row...yeah sure. I haven’t even played the game yet but it is pretty clear they try to draw you into investing time into the game to get you hooked then you get to the point where your only option to advance is to pay them money or continue to play for free but never advance and only serve as a punching bag for the players who do pay them money.

Fake Add


This game uses fake advertisements. There is no army on army play in this game. It’s a really lame pay to win strategy game. Fake news!

Gotta pay to play


I’ve read the recent reviews. One person claims they made castle 22 in a few weeks and paid nothing. That is an outright BS statement. I am a c30. You ain’t making c22 in 2 weeks unless you are buying. Period. Resource purchases are extremely high in comparison to what you get. Remember, it is a war game. So protect yourself. I’ve been at this for 8 months. I like the game and you gotta be smart! Spend wisely. Never believe you can be c22 in 2 weeks unless you are dumping a very large amount of cash to do it. If one actually did make c22 in 2 weeks I pretty much gurantee they are an extremely weak one. Many things I dislike about the game. Purchase gear at extremely high cost, next update the same gear is practically given away free because new gear at even higher cost is released. There are other things but it has not yet gotten to the point that i would quit yet, just not growing anymore.



I thought that this game was a first person shooter but it is just a game that you build up your castle



Don’t play this game at all. Recent update changed it completely and it is not the same game any longer. Power in each server has now shifted to the strongest player or alliance. They dictate what you are allowed to do. I will be requesting Apple investigate them for straight up fraud.

This Game Likes Big Spenders and Hackers

Vaang ZlidE

Two stars for excellent graphics and a PC-worthy interface. Also good game depth and multiple side-game content that at higher levels supplements the main game in terms of troop boosts. Now for the stars they did NOT get. The TOS rules and policies are a joke. Rampant account gifting, sharing, and theft occurs every day. Gold hackers are allowed to run amok. Players who spend huge amounts of cash are untouchable by the developer standards. This game is a lot of fun... until you get to the level where you’re forced to spend cash to keep up, then you’re simply leveled by a level 35 in under a minute. It’s not worth it. Do not play or invest in this game.



This is just a game of war reskin. here I am Enjoying sim city built it and I get ads for this game at least 9/10 times. And said “I’ll try it” I did not play for 3 minutes and I already want to puke into a cup of battery acid and pour it into my eyes so I never have to see the latest cancer the App Store has come up with. The App Store is basically made up of Candy crush reskins. Minecraft/roblox reskins some misc tap tap tap mindless game or one of these that are by far the worst thing to happen to the human species and here is why. What this game boils down to is a simple algorithm that allows you to upgrade pre determined areas to build low budgeted farms and barracks and little “homes” that basically generate in game money to bring to an Economy that these greedy self absorbed washed up “game designers” all sat around a table and said “how can we rape kids out of their money” it is the same game over and over again with no end. You have to drop over $500 or more in order to even scratch the surface between some of these losers who will drop thousands on this waste of time to only bully you into getting to a point where you build units and spend some arbitrary type of pay to win currency like silver or pube hair coins or whatever in order to boost yourself and raid weaker people encouraging them to spend money and become just like the people who attacked them. Not to mention the some odd millions of dollars spent on advertisements that are NO WHERE IN THE GAME. Because why not lie to us before and during your wallet rape. Between these wallet squeezing wastes of oxygen or the endless tsunami of candy crush games I swear to God anthrax would be an upgrade from the App Store. Please somebody make it stop before I skin myself with a potato peeler and jump into a vat of salt. I WILL NOT be playing this, I WILL NOT be spending a cent on this. I am going back to play sim city built it because even the cancer sponge known as EA treats their players better then worthless games like this. Maybe you can buy some in game currency to afford some burn cream.



The minute I downloaded the game and played I could tell it was horrible, all it’s ad’s are fake.

Not what you’re expecting it to be


Ever play kingdom of Camelot on Facebook? It’s pretty much the same. You can’t watch groups of people attack each other like the video implies so this is faults advertising and you should be sued for it free or not you can be sued for faults advertising which you are doing