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Guns of Glory: Lost Island is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG

No se dejen llevar de la publicidad


El juego es uno más simplemente, es una basura no es igual a los anuncios

Trash game.


This game is a ripoff of several similar games like clash of kings. It’s such a blatant rip, it even uses many of the same graphics and sounds. Their “free to play” ruse is laughable at best. The reality is; you will never have an opportunity to progress without spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. There is no mechanism to make game play fair for players of any size and shape. So the end result is players who have spent large sums of money just simply come by and destroy the smaller players without any chance. This game is a huge waste of time and effort. Don’t waste your money on anything related to this game, it simply isn’t worth the lackluster experience.

Error when entering


When entering to the game arrises the sentence like "connect to the internet" actually the internet is turn on my mobile phone. Could you revise it?

I hate this game!

The Call

This is the worst extortion game ever. The only way to get to high levels is to spend money. Trying to save up food and supplies to profess is impossible because you get constantly attacked and loose all your food and lumber! Just deleted it and will never play again. Has potential but spending all my money or never sleeping is the only way to get to any high level and I’m not willing to do so! Buh-bye

Developers don’t care about improving their game

Twisted Again

Your ranking is based on certain in game actions. However, if you spend money you advance in ranking a lot quicker. The main problem with the game, and it has been brought to developers attention countless times, is that players with a power level of 20 million plus are allowed to continually attack and destroy the players that are just starting or into the game with a power level of 4 million or less. This wipes the lower player out basically starting them from square one. It should have a caste system to allow only certain power levels to attack within a specified range.


dude, why?

I watched an ad for this thing and it looked like a awesome FPS, instead, I get a strategy game, a strategy game.

Fun game but be prepared to spend


If you don’t spend your entire saving you will be stomped out by wallet warriors, there is no penalty for attacking players woefully weaker than yourself. Great game but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone save my rich lawyer uncle.

Completely Misleading!

Nickolas Dixk

I saw the add and thought this would be a really fun game to play and then I downloaded it and it was NOTHING like the advertisement.

It’s a freemium game but...


Devs..... You have to do something about the outdated items in my items bag. After a promotion or event they're worthless and just a cluttered mess. There HAS to be a way to trade them in for something. I have all kinds of shells, rocks, even the Chinese new year coins that are no longer needed. Do something about this! I’m having fun but it wouldn’t be possible without the alliance I’m in. Your experience may vary....

Poor customer service

Pedal on

Game is fun as these types of games go but when bugs are found customer service is a slow and painful journey into the unknown. Unknown as far as if your question will be understood, unknown if or when anyone will answer, unknown if after explaining (feel like I’m speaking to groot during the explanation to them) if you will get anything more than a “I’m sorry you are having this issue”. You will want to stop playing the game but then realize you spent real money to get where you are and feel stuck.