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Guns of Glory: Lost Island is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG



I shouldn’t wake up to 10+ notifications all from this game. And my phone shouldn’t keep going off every 5 minutes to get me to play. You’re done.

They faked ads

Francis the goverment

I though it was cossack in ios but they faked it

Rampant cheating and support will do nothing about it

guns of glory cheats

Bot farms gives one person more power than an entire kingdom. When sent to support with multiple pictures they tell you to stop sending in complaints.



بدأت اداره اللعبة للاسف بلطمع فقد بدأت باخفاء المشتريات لكي تشتري اكثر لكي تظهر لك امور ضرورية مثل الناقل الفضائي و اصبحت لعبة مكلفة للغاية لانه لا يمكنك اللعب و التطور بدون الشراء للأسف مثال يجب ان تبدا بشراء حزمة ٠.٩٩ و بعدها ٤.٩٩ و بعدها ١٩.٩٩ و هكذا حتى تصل الى ال ١٠٠$ لكي تستطيع شراء الشيء الدي تحتاجه

Better rewards?


Awesome game but the creation is now worthless! Game says better creation rewards and are now trash! Stockpiled al my creation coins and now they are all useless. Meanwhile bots and advertiser plague the in game. Talk about a fall from grace. Would give the current state of the game one star but overall two because the people make the game. Complete malarkey

Played for a week

Real Gamer review.

New players don’t stand a chance. Expect to pay large amounts of money just to compete. Not anything like the advertisement. Not worth the investment of time.

Thank you


I have actually been very lucky and have had good help with my issues. They gave been quick to help.



Dot waist your time



This game is absolute crap. Waste of time downloading it!

Supports Bullying


The developers of this game only care about the money they are making and not the players’ experience. They will continue to let one “big spender” terrorize average players no matter how many official complaints are filed. Unless you are prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars (not an exaggeration) don’t bother downloading this “free” game.