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Guns of Glory: Lost Island is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG



Don’t bother with this game. Racist players like Ridvan in kingdom 65 constantly use racial slurs and spread bigotry through the main kingdom chats. The developers do nothing and don’t care. The highest level castles run off the newest players, save your time, money, and frustration!

I'd NEVER Download a Game That...


Makes it so you have to visit the download page in the app store to close the ad. Dirty pool. They probably figure "hey, if we trick them onto the download page, they'll probably just get it since they're already here". Nope. Instead, I'll look at the the other apps by this developer and make sure I never get anything they ever do



This game just lures you into thinking it’s awesome by playing ads from other PC games and claiming it as their own an example of these games are nepoleon total war( sorry if I misspelled it), empire total war, Cossacks 3, mount and blade and so much more. Also it is a serious pay to win game just to get your fort to the top.




Not really an enjoyed game! Need to make a whole different base and story ?


The game is trash just because the trailer was played by dev and made it look like it was a sandbox game which would be the best game I’ve ever played lots of people are addicted to sandbox games free roam sandbox and most will be willing to pay the money for access to big stuff like a new map or different blocks like a deluxe edition that would be fun! But the fact how they tricked you into thinking you could do what ever you wanted was trash and a complete ripoff I never liked the games with people popping up on your screen saying things you have to read it’s just a waste of time having to read all of it to do a campaign that’s not even good and very unrealistic I’d REALLY LIKE A GAME which was based off of modern day military with mortars and tanks you could send in to see if they could break through your bunker and all of that! The game would ? called dunkirk or bunkers! Something like that ya know just some good ideas

Don’t even bother


Was playing another game and saw an ad for this and was like oh cool! Then I downloaded it and realized t was 100% false advertisement stolen from another game. Devs are obviously sleazebags trying to steal money, can’t even make an original game. Don’t spend any money on this I won’t be surprised if it gets shut down

Let me tell you about how much money was and time was wasted


I have been playing this game for less than a year. At first, I made no purchases. Eventually purchases become necessary in order to compete. I have spent Hundreds if not thousands of dollars in purchases. You must bind these account to Game Center or Facebook In order for game info to be stored and to return where you left off. One day my accounts mysteriously became inbound and both accounts were no longer accessible. I was approaching lvl 22 castles with these accounts. They are no longer accessible and the developer/customer simply said something along the lines of it’s not our problem. They simply are not there when you need them. Now I am out of the money and access to the game. Had to contact ITunes and request a refund for the last 30 days which they did return. Rosa was wonderful and understanding at ITunes. I SWEAR TO YOU. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS GAME. IT IS AND EVENTUALLY WILL BECOME A RIP OFF FOR YOU!!! iTunes states in policy that all sales are final so technically they aren’t required to refund you a dime. Now imagine how hard it is to communicate to Customer service that doesn’t have a contact number and Who knows how many clients. If you have a problem with this app you are basically S.O.L. Buyer beware. You have been warned.

Stop this Stupid trend of ad campaigns


I see ads for games like this all the time, where the clip the runs in the ad barely actually has anything to do with the actual game itself. These are EVERYWHERE for this realm of games and whoever started it is an absolute moron. There is not a single person out that who can’t immediately figure out that it’s misleading and avoid it in the first place. If they don’t notice and do download it, it gets deleted right away cause it’s not what the person wants. Or, if you’re like me, you download it purely to see just how different it was from the ad, realized how incredibly idiotic the entire thing was, and then decided that I’ll have this game on my phone until the end of time because of how stupid that is. Next time you have a meeting and someone says “let’s run an ad on other apps thats designed to make people think the game is something different than it actually is” just fire the absolute hell out of them because it’s a gigantic waste of money. When you assume your customer base is a bunch of idiots and bank on that you are absolutely going to fail. No question.

Not the game showed on ad!!!!


Not remotely the game showed on ad!!!! They show a shooter and this more of a board game.

Game is not fun anymore


The game started off fun, but has gotten to the point of just healing your troops. You turn your back and someone appears in your kingdom, attacks you three times to kill all of your army and doesn’t take any of your resources! Then you spend the next 14 hours building them back up to have it happen again. It is almost like the developers have people to do this to encourage people to buy coins to speed the rebuild back up.