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Guns of Glory: Lost Island is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG

Amazing game


I have always loved it! New update is dope!

Have to use lots of $’s to be competitive


Yes, you can play the game without spending money, but you won’t get very far if you don’t.

Bigger tiles


Great game with a lot of development and working in stats. We just need higher tiles level 8,9 or 10 with more resources.

Busy game


this game will keep you busy and coming back again and again good luck and the people that sign up for negative results they don’t know how to play?

Mystic Jackpot

AJ Hagerman

Make it fair to where every Kingdom can win the jackpot I see a lot of Kingdoms don’t even get a chance to win, like Kingdom 320 1. It isn’t fair 2. It’s Rigged in favor of every other Kingdom if it doesn’t get solved I will be quitting this game

Data error message


I keep deleting the app and reinstalling as well as shutting my phone and restarting it over and over again. Still I can not manage to log in. The game simply won’t load. Says there’s a data error. Everything on my phone works, I’m even connected to WiFi. I can easily navigate other apps on my phone so it’s not an internet issue. Please fix!

Not as advertised


Nothing from their video ad is in this game.

False advertising


Their ads are nothing like the actual game

False Advert


Not a FPS. Probably descent game if you like the type, but the advertisements and previews in the App Store are not what you will be playing if you install this game. It is a resource gathering, clan board game. It not a first person shooter or fortress design game. Lies!

Almost unplayable


Since the last update, the game performance has been extremely slow and painful to use.