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Guns of Glory: Lost Island is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG

0 stars if possible - ads copied from stronghold


What a joke... they used content/video feed from the PC game Stronghold as their own advertising. This isn’t even the same game or close to it. Zero strategic castle building/placement, group management, or anything.

Developers are just greedy for money with terrible customer service


Developers don't listen to any input from players. They don't fix glitches, constantly add new gear that force players to spend more and more money, just to stay competitive. You can play the game for free, but don't expect much. Everything is designed and forcing you to spend real life cash. It's clear developers don't care about anything but the cash they get from players. Building a community for their players and getting rid of glitches and making a game fun for all is clearly not in the mind of the developers. Would not suggest game to even my worst enemy. Bill Gates would probably run out of money before he could max out his castle. On top of all that, if you have a problem or find so one cheating and/or hacking other players, customer service will do nothing about it. All the while rich, players rule kingdoms and plunder everyone who doesn't have thousands of dollars to spend on game. Yes, people really spend thousands if not tens of thousands dollars of real life money on this game.

Fooled me


The ads about the game and what you get are completely different. It was ok but come on. This and king of Avalon sold me initially with the ad then it’s the same crap. But, it’s free so do as you please.

Guns of glory truth

the truth of gog

This is a money game and there are big spenders playing. Everything cost in this game and is not cheap. The developers have forgotten that this is a game and have made it into something only rich people can enjoy.

Good game with no help from customer support!


Fun game. Wanna play and bot PAY! This is it! Although it helps to pay or it takes awhile to grow big but can be done! Now my title comment! Can compete in a special event and am getting no help what so ever! To mails to support no answers! Talked to 2 mods, didn’t seem like they even cared if they even answered my mail! Wonder if this will even read, let’s find out! But download this game! Fa.

Fake advertisement


The problems with games like these is that on the ads it shows that you completely get to build and create your own kingdom, but the reality is that everything is already built for you and it tells you where and what to place anywhere in the start of the game.

False advertising


It not as good as it looks on the advertisement

GOG does nothing to stop anything


After months of trying to reach out to MODS and developers nothing has been done or no update has been made to protect my kingdom or castles from someone who makes money off their castle and who’s castle is run by multiple people all chipping into it. Now the whole kingdom is ready to quit, so that will be a big chunk of money gone because you let this one person destroy a kingdom because he can afford it? I hope the multiple players of this castle pay more than a whole kingdom cause we are ready to all quit. Waiting on response.

Love it


Great update aswell very impressed!

Used to be great


This used to be a great game, now it’s just all about money. They took away the means to be able to grind for most of the items for free instead of having to buy them. It took awhile to get the stuff but at least is was able to be obtained without having to spend money all the time. Update just came out and there are new gems and for the price of $20 you get a whopping 3/100 scrolls towards A new gem. They have became money hungry and it really shows