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Guns of Glory: Lost Island is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG



Seen this game on an ad as a first person shooter false advertisement deleting forever .

Good game but need access to account from multiple devices


This is a very enjoyable game to play - minus the catacombs - however, need to be able to access my account from both iPad and iPhone. Prefer to play on larger screen of iPad but need portability of iPhone as well. Why not allow access to same account from both but only one at a time to avoid complications of multiple devices simultaneously?

Thank you for quickly fixing my issue


I appreciate it!

False Advertising


The ad showed a 3D FPS yet it was just like those other games where you just build a base and pay2win.

Just like any other


This game isn’t great. The ads are fake and it shows it’s like tabs. 100% non-like able.1 star




False advertising, same old thing.


Same game as King of Avalon. Ads made it look like something new, with RTS elements. Lame. Go play Lords Mobile if you want to get into the genre.

Cheaters in Kingdom 109


This game is okay, but just like all the other war games it cost. We got a couple of bigger players using bots (computer farming for them). Had a video of them doing it and the developer did nothing about it. It plainly stats you can’t do this in the rules. But it’s about making money for them. Because if you don’t spend your not competitive. Yes I’m talking about Full Throttle. So don’t come to 109 unless you’re a great cheater. Thanks

To Many Wallet Warriors


Game could be fun, but there are to many people that pay for in game items and then bully and constantly attack the smaller people. Top heavy clans run the game which leaves no room for growth. Overall, I’d skip this game if I came across it again.

Stupid game


Every time I get close to leveling up 5 people attack, will find another game to waste time and money on!