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Guns of Glory: Lost Island is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG

Doesn’t care about people harassing others


Developers are ignoring complaints about harassment in kingdom 58. Been going on too long, screenshots have been sent to the help people and moderators. Nothing has been done. Messages have been left on facebook. I will share this with everyone that the developers only care about the money they make. I WILL NOT SPEND ANOTHER CENT ON THIS GAME.



Great game but updates release very late on ios

Fun, but please do something about this:

Lady DeathKnight

This is probably the millionth time you have seen a complaint about this player in Kingdom 58, (RPd) atcblondie85, but they used to be JesusHChing and they are exceptionally vulgar and rude and is now impersonating an old player who quit because of him. He constantly writes and talks trash and talks about rape, abuse, and molestation. Most everyone has reported him a bunch of times and we are getting tired of seeing his messages or hearing about him. I understand the block button, but we shouldn’t have to block this one guy because nothing is being done about his actions. Please do something about him.



Wow du

A fun SIM CITY game from medival time.

GBR Blackshirts

At first the game is fun and excitement as your building your fortress up, then the bigger fortress attacks you and your get to repair your troops and fortress.




Update screws everything up

Did the update and within hours my whole army was gone but there is no attack to account for the losses.

This game a joke


Kill event 3 days of every week where the strong players kill every troop you have & take all your resources. They receive HUGE rewards for ra ping new, low level players. It’s part of the design to promote spending real monies. IMPOSSIBLE to earn the gold required to attempt to protect yourself. Unless you have unlimited access to your mom’s credit card, steer clear of this rip-off.

Pay to win poor ads


Play to win game with advertisements that are literally a different game.

Horrid and Falsely Advertised!


All ads seen about this game are 100% false and when put simply, the game is a poorly made copy of most mobile games. I would not waste your time downloading this “thing”. (Would give less than a star if possible!!!)