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Guns of Glory: Lost Island is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG


California Caliber

Not going to get myself worked up about it. This game ssssuuuuuucccccckkkkkksssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Terrible game don’t waste your time!!!



Lame lame lame, lame. Lame lame “lame lame.” Lame lame lame lame lame lame. This game is lame. The freemium Advertisement showed this as a shooter. It is not. This is lame. Oh did I mention this game is lame.

Falsely advertised


I got an ad for a game that would let you shoot guns into the air and at other people, then I downloaded this because thats what popped up and it turned out to be this game.



For those of you who came here because of the adds, you will be sorely disappointed to find out that the game who’s content is stolen is a 60 dollar PC game called “Cossacks 3”

False Advertising Copywriter Infringement


I’d like to know if EA is aware you are using scenes from their recent Battlefield game to advertise your game? Maybe a quick email with the screen shots I just took to their Legal department is a good idea?

Russian raping


Not worth the time if you don’t pay to play. The russian rapings from much higher level players makes it impossible to get past lvl 12 unless you buy the estate shields.

This game used forage from Battlefield 1


This game used game fotage from Battlefield one in their comercial. This game uses other games fotage to bribe u to play it.

Worst game ever!!!!??????


All is game is building and not really fighting so it’s kind of boring. DO NOT GET THIS GAME.

Amazing game


I think the ability to destroy a lower level castle is what makes this game fun and also other competitive castles same lvl and higher able to destroy yours. It’s all about strategy. I see a bunch of whiners saying over powered people can attack lower lvl. They are just mad because they can’t be the best without putting in the work and dedication!

Very cool!


If you want to have a whole bunch of fun you will have to pay a little. But if you choose not to pay it is still fun. I don’t like the catacombs update but everything else is awesome! Better than game of war by far!