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GunApp is a weapon simulator for the iPhone.
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Games Free Mobile Dev Group LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

- A HUGE library of over 150+ highly detailed animated guns and weapons ranging from M16's to to Nuclear Weapons!

- Hide, show, and reorganize the weapons to your liking!

- Detailed Descriptions of each weapon. Read all about your favorite gun in amazing detail straight from Wikipedia!

- Multiplayer! Shoot your friends over the local wifi!

- Developers who listen to what you want. Suggest improvements or weapons to us we want to hear it!

- Add free mod weapons from the community, or make your own!

- New weapons, features and improvements added all the time - THE UPDATES NEVER STOP!

"Critics say: awesome weapon for every occasion! -Keshin4539"

If you have any problems opening GunApp, try reinstalling, or write to us at [email protected]



Needs a update

Good- Several issues
Hoe boi toy

I'd say the main complaints would be as follows: 1.) Hit detection on multiplayer is not good enough and rather irritating when trying to use multiplayer. 2.) Sound effects for guns like the MG42 that have a high rate of fire sound awful which is unfortunate because there some of the more famous/cooler guns. 3.) Accuracy to detail is missing for some guns like the AR-15 has a fully automatic feature which isn't realistic and the developers should know full well of this fact considering they have the wiki page for each gun put as an icon on the bottom right of each gun (which I really like) 4.) They neglected the shotguns, bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles and there's likely a large audience of people who would love to use a Mosin-Nagant among other classics. 5.) When you download all the guns in the game, it still takes about the same time to load the' making it redundant to download them at all. Overall, this app is pretty fun and if you want an app where you can interact with good gun models and even things like tanks and miscellaneous weapons, this is a good game for you (putting aside the historical inaccuracies). Although there are things like I sighted above I'd like to see improvements on.



Great app love it except...

I just wish they would add more suppressed pistols because there is only one pistol with a silencer. Love the app tho everything else is amazing.

Great app

I’ve had this app on and off for a long time and it’s great to play real life call of duty with your friends I definitely suggest


It is a good game

Kinda Good

It's okay, but needs more guns to be perfect

Ok game

Needs a better multiplayer and it needs objectives not just shooting guns make this into a game that you can have shoot offs online with random people


Please remove the ads

Dear Developers
Super mom88

This is a great game and I play it a lot. This hasn’t had a update in two years and I’m kind of concerned. There should be FPS for all guns however. I like the game and if I want to record I just screen record. Great game!