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GunApp is a weapon simulator for the iPhone.
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Games Free Mobile Dev Group LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

- A HUGE library of over 150+ highly detailed animated guns and weapons ranging from M16's to to Nuclear Weapons!

- Hide, show, and reorganize the weapons to your liking!

- Detailed Descriptions of each weapon. Read all about your favorite gun in amazing detail straight from Wikipedia!

- Multiplayer! Shoot your friends over the local wifi!

- Developers who listen to what you want. Suggest improvements or weapons to us we want to hear it!

- Add free mod weapons from the community, or make your own!

- New weapons, features and improvements added all the time - THE UPDATES NEVER STOP!

"Critics say: awesome weapon for every occasion! -Keshin4539"

If you have any problems opening GunApp, try reinstalling, or write to us at [email protected]



I accidentally bought the guns and literally a minute later I found where to refund it. It did not work. This games purchase is like a vending machine that eats money, unreliable. In other words don’t bother even getting this app, they do not have there customers best interest in mind.

Crashes like garbage

Only a few words to describe my experience. Open app closes right away. Garbage

Awesome app

When I got this app there were a lot of guns already on this app my favorite gun on here was this jukebox gun and the gun plays music it’s really cool you can get this app in the AppStore for free the only bad thing about this is that it takes WiFi to run the game but the app is very cool you should get this app.

It’s fun

It’s not that fun alone but if you have friends with the app it is really fun

Glove Save

I love this game, me and my brother have been playing it for the last 3years, I’ve noticed that the shotguns need more attention, what you do have is great and all, but I would like more variety in the shotguns, please read this.

Best gun app ever!!!!

This is the best gun simulator compared to those rip offs that act like they are all fancy except my one problem is that you have to buy more than half the guns, but otherwise it’s a great game and it’s still five starsπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

I purchased this item already
DaddyKnows Best

I already bought this app and it doesn’t show that I did. Please check into this.Thank you

Confused on this.

I’m not sure why but the the ones that require camera it doesn’t show nothing but black on the screen and it’s very irritating because it’s allowed to use the camera so what’s the deal?

Not liars

Cool app If you upgrade your phone you just got to menu and press restore purchases.

When I updated my iOS guns locked

I purchased this app to get lifetime unlocks. When I upgraded my iOS I was no longer able to access some of my favorites. Then I discovered in Menu (upper left) you can “RESTORE PURCHASES” - Voila!! All guns now available.