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Start your journey through the world of weapons with eWeapons™ Gun Camera 3D Weapon Simulator. With one of the best shooting games you will have great fun and best virtual firearms on your phone. With realistic weapon sounds and with huge selection of some of the most popular weapons this gun weapon simulator will became the best way to entertain yourself every day. You will enjoy in first person shooter game, you will feel like you are holding real pistol or rifle in your hands and with realistic gun sounds you will feel like you are in the war zone.

One of the best weapon games is here and you can have it on your phone if you download eWeapons™ Gun Camera 3D Weapon Simulator. Gun simulator uses your phone camera preview and simulate FPS gun camera game. Now you can shoot real targets with your virtual weapons. It's very easy to play, but the feeling is great. You only need to choose appropriate rifle or pistol or some other weapon, then you need to choose target from your environment and that's it. Best simulator game can start. You will have modified simulations of pistol, rifle or knife and submachine gun, but, you will, also, have possibility to buy more weapons like shotgun, sniper or machine gun in pro version. Great thing is that you can change the weapon wherever you want and you can, also, change the target wherever you want. Another great thing that you will have with Gun Camera 3D Weapon Simulator is unlimited ammo. You can shoot from your virtual weapons as long as you wish and you don't have to worry about bullets. You will adore this weapon camera game, we are sure. If you ever wonder how does it feels when you're holding gun in your hands and shoot real targets, now, with best camera app, you will have that great felling of shooting real targets with best virtual weapons. We make possible to you to take picture and video of pointing a gun at someone and than to share it with other people. All of this and a lot of fun you will have with eWeapons™ Gun Camera 3D Weapon Simulator - the best weapon simulator. If you want to feel the great power of weapons and to have virtual shooting experience then you must have best weapon app on your phone. Download firearms simulator now and have great time with eWeapons™ Gun Camera 3D Weapon Simulator.

Features of Gun Camera 3D Weapon Simulator:
- huge selection of virtual weapons
- realistic weapon sounds
- take pictures and videos
- zoom
- mirror effects
- great game music

Weapons included:

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It won’t let me play
woon toon

Whenever I entered the game something pops up and I press it but doesn’t say OK so I can’t play the game

I can’t play the game ??

Whenever I enter the game it said something I pressed OK but it did not let me play the game i’d like a the person who made this to tell me why I cant play the game

Paying for guns?

would like it better if we didn't have to pay for the guns

Best game ever
Blake Goelz the best

So what I paid for the guns and they're awesome and so the default ones

Bad game

*DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS!* The only thing that would make it a lot more fun is that the camera is not upside down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Expired update

You need to update the game so people can play it

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