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Need help breeding that one slippery dragon?
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This Breeding Guide provides very detailed information of all dragons and how to breed each one of them! With proven tips on breeding.

Don't waste your time with unconfirmed breeding pairs! This guide tells you how to breed all those rare and mysterious dragons.

You can share your experience and comments with other users. Tell them how you got your dragons or read how they got them!

We will keep this guide updated with the most recent content.

• Complete information of all the dragons, including the best breeding combinations for each dragon!
• A dragon list. Keep track of all your dragons and the ones you are missing!
• Add Me & Chat rooms. Get to know and chat with other people who like DragonML as much as you do!
• Push notifications. Be the first one to know when a new dragon is available!
• Articles and strategies that will help you through the game.

With this app you will enjoy DragonML even more!

Legal Disclaimer:
This is an unofficial app for the game Dragon Mania Legends. Breeding Guide for Dragon Mania Legends is not an official app and it is not connected to the game developer or publisher. All texts, images and video game content are copyright to their respective owners and usage for this app falls within fair use guidelines. This app is intended only for your continued enjoyment and exploration of the game, which is available here:

This app uses material from the Dragon Mania Legends Wiki ( that is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


Amazing,needs daily upload

I love this it comes in handy but this might sound like a lot to ask but can u daily upload?thx!

Slow to update

I love this app! But I’m only giving it four stars. Why? Because the app is SO slow to update with new dragons and how to breed them. If that issue was fixed, I would totally give it five stars.

And getting very ANGRY!!!

I loved this app, and it helped a lot. The only info it gives now is for dragons that aren’t breedable. So sad about this because I bred some awesome dragons.

Don’t work anymore

Doesn’t show details on dragons no more what combinations to use to breed them nothing

What happen to dragon info

Every time I go on to look at dragon info for breeding times and how to breed it’s all gone. The blue words can’t be clicked on either. What happen?

DML guide

This app is essential for playing this game!! Thanks much for putting all this in a easy manner!

I ❀️ this app
Can maker

I have used this and it work really well

dragon fan🐲

great app it is very easy to use and shows breeds that may also happen if the breed does not work. sometimes I can’t find the right dragon. also not as complex as other apps like this

How do you know which one to breed with???

So I got this app today I was wondering how it works but every single time I click one of the dragons picture it don’t say how to breed it or anything. And I asked some people on the comments but they don’t know either. :c


This app is a waste, waste of space and the tome to look anything up. Hasn’t been updated with new dragons, and a lot of the dragons don’t even have breading or hatching times. I use to love this app but now it’s filled with ads and doesn’t even help at all. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME DOWNLOADING IT. Really disappointed in the creator in not keeping up with this