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#1 Guide to Hay Day


So stupid!!!!!!

It won't even open!! Worst app ever!!=only1star

The most fun and interesting

HayDay is so much fun. It has really engaged me in ways that other games don't. It has loads of economics, business strategy, marketing and organic gardening all wrapped into one fun package. It works well, very few glitches. Very smart programming. Just love it!

Hey Day
Mert24 72

I'm soon hooked!


I wish this app had the cost of all items. A searchable list would be great, a calculator even better. Calculator feature request: If we are doing truck orders I would like to be able to quickly add up the cost and figure out the cost of the items in a truck order. This would come in handy during global events when truck orders make more coins. I want to know which orders are profitable and which tickets to toss.

Can't load

Every time I try to open it, it shuts down. Buggy.

Hay Day lover this is no good
Real bummer 2984657

I love hay day but there is not a single fact on here I didn't already know so now I'm like this is great if your in preschool and like watching videos and attempting to read but Elmo is more informative.

Really helpful!

Now, there are some things I already knew, but the rest, the app had it. By being helpful I mean it has information that I somehow forgot. So yes. Helpful app!

Packers 46

I love hay day. Thanks in all that you do for us.